Program Director Job Description Template

Program director and colleague reviewing something on a laptop computer.

If you’ve ever struggled to move a program from the starting line to the finish line, you know how important it is to have a clear, detailed roadmap to manage all of the moving parts—and a plan to mitigate any risks along the way. Welcome to the world of a program director.

Acting as the bridge between strategy and execution, a program director is responsible for overseeing the successful planning and execution of programs (and associated projects) that positively impact a company’s innovation, production, and revenue goals.

Program directors often manage a team of program managers, who are responsible for managing individual programs and projects.

Although this program director job description focuses on for-profit organizations, this role is also prevalent within non-profit organizations, federal and local government agencies, and contracting companies who support government. Customizing the job responsibilities and previous experience requirements should account for any differences across organization types.

Program director and colleague reviewing something on a laptop computer.

Program Director

[Intro Paragraph] Use the introduction of the program director job description to give potential candidates insight into your organization, and where they will fit. This can include the company’s values, mission, culture, and customers. Because a program director’s actual responsibilities may vary drastically depending on what initiatives they oversee, include information such as who the program director will report to and the departments and teams they will work closely with.

The intro also serves as a place to highlight anything that distinguishes your company from the competition, so be sure to use these three or four sentences to highlight any industry awards, industry leadership positions, and customer satisfaction ratings.

Program Director Job Responsibilities

  • Develop or approve budgets and operations.
  • Hire and supervise new program managers for projects.
  • Report detailed status updates to leadership and executive team.
  • Apply change, risk, and resource management principles when needed.
  • Work with leadership to set strategic goals and objectives for programs.
  • Resolve problems between program teams and other internal stakeholders.
  • Coordinate with program managers and other stakeholders to create detailed implementation plans. This includes deadlines, milestones, processes, and risk mitigation protocols.
  • Provide processes for monitoring performance and collaborating with program teams to determine ways to improve.

[Work Hours & Benefits]

Program directors interact with stakeholders across the organization, as well as outside vendors and consultants. Although their formal work hours typically align with the normal Monday through Friday, 9-5 framework, most seasoned program management professionals anticipate that those hours will vary based on whether a program is moving as planned.

In addition to traditional benefits like paid vacation time, group health insurance, and 401(k) plans, other benefits may include:

  • Flexible work schedules with the option to work remotely
  • Covering the cost of professional organization membership dues
  • Reimbursement for continuing education
  • Quarterly or annual productivity bonuses

Qualifications and Skills

Program directors often start their careers as project managers, building their experience as they prepare to supervise multiple teams and projects. They may also have project management certifications like the PMP from the Project Management Institute, or the SAFe certification for Agile project management practitioners.

In this section of the program director job description, share the necessary and preferred requirements to encourage only the most qualified candidates to apply.

  • Proven track record as a successful program director, program manager, or project manager
  • Experience managing teams through long, complex program implementations
  • Knowledge of current program management methods and best practices
  • Experience managing staff and budgets
  • Excellent data analysis and reporting skills
  • Strong problem-solving, negotiation, and communication skills
  • Experience with industry-standard project management software and tools

Education & Experience Requirements

  • Minimum of a BA, MA preferred
  • 7-10 years related experience, with progressive responsibility in program project management
  • Experience managing budgets for multiple projects

[Call to Action] End your program manager job description with a call to action that prompts applicants to send a resume, along with a cover letter, or to take similar action to indicate their interest in the position.

Use Your Program Director Job Description to Attract the Best Candidates
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