Assistant Supervisor Job Description Template

Manager showing some records to his assistant supervisor.

An assistant supervisor serves as a department’s second in command, supporting the primary supervisor with day-to-day management and administrative functions. Depending on the employee’s career path, the assistant supervisor role may act as the training ground for becoming the main supervisor.

The specific requirements and skill for this position may considerably across industries, but there are key qualifications and experience that most employees will need to include in an assistant supervisor job description.

Your listing for an assistant supervisor should reflect both the standard requirements for the role and those unique to your industry or individual business. Begin your hiring process by writing a thorough assistant supervisor job description that stands out and attracts applicants most qualified for the job. Start with this sample job description as a template, mixing and matching elements as needed to customize for your business.

Manager showing some records to his assistant supervisor.

Assistant Supervisor

[Intro Paragraph] The introductory paragraph of your assistant supervisor job description should give prospective applicants a sneak peek into what makes your organization tick. Provide key information about your business as an overview of what differentiates your company from competitors. This can include:

  • Business’s overall mission
  • Company culture
  • Number of years in business
  • Number of employees and locations
  • Hours of operation
  • Perks like free snacks or flexible work schedules

This section of the job description is also a good place to brag about your business and its brand. List industry awards received, industry leadership positions held, and community involvement activities that you regularly participate in.

Lastly, use the introductory paragraph to insert words, phrases, and titles that hint at your company’s personality as a way of communicating company culture. For example, if you call your employees at your seafood restaurant “crew mates” and the manager the ship captain, don’t be afraid to let the prospective employees know that you don’t take yourselves too seriously.

Assistant Supervisor Job Responsibilities

  • Manage, train, and monitor team members and team leads.
  • Direct and assign employees as needed to ensure all aspects of quality product or service delivery.
  • Monitor employee compliance with operational standards, along with other department and company policies and practices.
  • Manage and make appropriate adjustments to staffing levels, inventory levels, and production cost control.
  • Complete weekly inventory as needed.
  • Reinforce customer service standards and ensure all employees are focused on always serving the customer.
  • Assist in administrative duties including maintenance of files, records, and all required documentation.
  • Manage departmental budgets or specific budget line items; review and approve purchases as needed.
  • Monitor equipment and purchase of materials to meet demands of location, shift, or season.
  • Immediately and respectfully respond to guest requests; report guest complaints to immediate supervisor and assists in resolving such complaints.
  • Establish performance goals according to company philosophy for employees’ assigned role.
  • Perform personnel management functions that include hiring, terminating, maintaining discipline, administering performance reviews and wage changes.
  • Review sales reports, production reports, department expenses, labor costs, associate attendance reports, and other reports and documents related to company operations.
  • Review and make changes to personnel assignments with managers and supervisors to ensure that the best employees are in each position.
  • Make recommendations to manager according to production/service needs and production sales plans.
  • Coordinate workflow between departments and work areas.
  • Review budgetary variances and discrepancies with each department manager or supervisor in assigned group.
  • Review accounts receivable and assist with collection as assigned by location manager.

[Work Hours & Benefits]

Work hours may vary drastically depending on the industry your business is in. Make sure that your assistant supervisor job description includes as much information as possible about schedules and the expected number of hours for a normal workweek. If you’re in an industry that requires frequent weekend work or overtime, list those requirements as well.

Offering competitive pay and benefits attracts the best applicants. If you already have it, use internal data to determine the right assistant supervisor pay for your new hire. If not, you can perform research on commercial employment data websites or the use local, state, or federal data to make an informed decision about the right mix of compensation and benefits that will make your business most attractive to top candidates.

Assistant Supervisor Qualifications and Skills

A list of qualifications and skills for in an assistant supervisor job description may include the following:

  • Must be able to provide proof of authorization to work in the United States.
  • Excellent verbal and written communicator with strong technical capacity and ability to accurately complete all documentation.
  • Physically able to lift, push, or pull a minimum of 20 pounds (i.e., assisting in stocking/maintaining inventory levels) with appropriate safety equipment.
  • Be able to work irregular shifts, including weekends, overnight shifts, and holidays.
  • Ability to stand and/or walk for at least 8 hours (with breaks).
  • Ability to occasionally climb a ladder to store and retrieve materials, and/or place or remove signage.
  • Extensive knowledge of customer service best practices with ability to resolve customer complaints and issues while maintaining a professional and calm demeanor.
  • Extensive professionalism for customer service and client focus with strong service-oriented ability to resolve customer grievances.
  • Able to work effectively in a fast-paced environment and maintain productivity both independently and collaboratively.
  • Capable of multi-tasking and effectively managing projects as a proficient problem solver and teamwork supporter.
  • Detail-oriented with great organizational and time management skills with the ability to delegate and assign tasks.
  • Ability to coach and mentor other employees.
  • Knowledge of, and ability to learn about, products, services, and store operations.
  • Working knowledge of standard technology used in the industry (e.g., POS, project tracking, bookkeeping, word processing).
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Must be able to pass a drug screening and background check.

Education & Experience Requirements

Depending on the business, you may require a specific level of education, or allow a certain number of years related experience to compensate for more advanced education. At a minimum, you should require that your assistant supervisor have:

  • 2-4 years of experience as a team lead or similar position
  • High School diploma or GED; associate’s degree preferred
  • 2-4 years experience in this specific industry

[Call to Action] The end of your assistant supervisor job description should provide a clear call to action that lists clear instructions on how to apply for the position.

A Great Assistant Supervisor Job Description Attracts the Best Candidates

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