Electrical Service Manager Job Description Template

Electrical service manager reviewing checklist at work

It’s essential to hire an electrical service manager who has the technical skills to help your clients and train your employees. They must also have the interpersonal and operations skills to manage a team and make your facility department run smoothly.

The first step to hiring the right person for the job is to write an electrical service manager job description. Skilled candidates are typically in a leadership role already, so it’s important to use your job description as an elevator pitch for the role and your company.

You can save time by updating this job description sample to find a talented electrical services manager. As you customize your job description, it may be helpful to read other electrical services manager job postings on Monster.

Electrical service manager reviewing checklist at work

Electrical Service Manager

[Intro Paragraph] This is where you’ll “pitch” the role and your company to potential candidates. If you’re looking for someone with a specific type of electrician licenses, such as a master electrician or journeyman electrician, mention it here so qualified candidates apply. Prompt candidates to apply by highlighting the company culture, mission, and values.

If your company has won safety, innovation, or workplace awards, mention it so candidates know that it is a great place to work. Show that they’ll be able to grow by mentioning the career trajectory for the role and any hard and soft skills training programs your company offers.

Electrical Service Manager Job Responsibilities: Use this section of your electrical service manager job description to share the main job responsibilities at your company. Include a thorough list so candidates can determine whether they’re interested in applying. Here are a few responsibilities you may choose to include:

  • Hires, trains, and manages electricians.
  • Reviews and files all daily project reports.
  • Completes installations and repairs as needed.
  • Oversees all facility department operations.
  • Investigates and resolves any client complaints.
  • Leads weekly team meetings.
  • Makes sure the team follows all electrical codes and standards.
  • Works closely with other facility department leaders and company executives.
  • Develops and improves departmental policies and procedures.
  • Suggests ways to increase revenues and efficiency.
  • Determines the work schedule and assignments.
  • Sets and tracks the departmental budget.
  • Stocks all equipment and tools.

[Work Hours and Benefits] Electrical service managers typically work full-time since they oversee a team of electricians. Be sure to mention if you’re hiring for a part-time role. If your facility department has a shift schedule or non-traditional working hours, note it so candidates can determine whether it’s a fit for them. Attract candidates by sharing the benefits the electrical service manager would receive, such as health insurance, life insurance, paid time off, parental leave, commuter benefits, and professional development stipends. If you know the salary range, it’s helpful to include it so candidates can determine whether they want to apply.

Electrical Service Manager Qualifications and Skills: Use these sections of your electrical service manager job description to share the qualifications. You’re likely to get more applicants if you specify what is required versus preferred because some candidates will only apply if they meet all the qualifications. Be sure to check your state’s licensing requirements because they vary from state to state. Here are some examples you may want to include:

  • Manages a team of electricians and has advanced leadership skills
  • Demonstrates project management and problem-solving skills
  • Collaborates with colleagues and has strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Works with clients as needed and has strong client services skills

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required.
  • An associate or bachelor’s degree is preferred.
  • At least [number] years of electrician experience is required.
  • An active [license] in [state] is required.

[Call to Action] You’re likely to increase the number of applicants if you end your electrical services job posting with a strong call to action. For example, you could invite candidates to apply and share instructions for applying from the job board, your website, or by emailing the hiring manager directly.

Plug In Your Electrical Service Manager Job Description

Now you have a job description that will attract electricians with the necessary experience, skills, and other attributes to be successful. Reach skilled electricians quickly by posting your job description on Monster. Get started with a free job posting.