Legal Assistant Job Description Template

A legal assistant working in a law library, surrounded by law books.

Legal assistants, also known as paralegals, support lawyers in conducting research, drafting documents, and assisting in other ways. Depending on their specialization, the work of the legal assistant can be very diverse. A well-written legal assistant job description and salary information (if available) can help you find top candidates.

Whether you’re writing an entry level legal assistant job description or a senior legal assistant job description, use this legal assistant job description example as your template. Browse these legal assistant job listings for more inspiration.

A legal assistant working in a law library, surrounded by law books.

Legal Assistant

[Intro Paragraph] Whether you work for a big law firm or a small legal service provider, you want to sell your workplace to talented candidates. The introduction of your legal assistant job description is a great place to start. Mention the success rate of cases and notable settlements or the firm’s areas of legal specialization. Since there are many options for legal assistants, it is important to communicate what differentiates your firm from the competition.

Legal Assistant Job Responsibilities: The work of the legal assistant depends on the type of firm they work for. Make sure you’re specific about your position when listing the job responsibilities. For example:

  • Keeps cases organized by establishing and organizing files.
  • Monitors calendars and takes notes during meetings.
  • Adds information into file database and case management software.
  • Helps develop cases by maintaining contact with people involved within the case.
  • Keeps clients informed by maintaining contact and communicating case progress.
  • Maintains case costs by verifying outstanding balances with an attorney, clients, and providers.
  • Supports case preparation by preparing case summaries and materials for mediation conferences.
  • Enhances trial proceedings by organizing evidence, preparing exhibits, and scheduling witnesses.
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities and reading professional publications.
  • Protects the firm by keeping information confidential.

[Work Hours and Benefits] Provide a clear paragraph of the work hours and benefits package within your legal assistant job description. Most legal assistants work full-time or part-time during regular office hours. Specify the expectations for your open position and whether it is contract-based or permanent.

For most legal assistants, pay is based on their experience (DOE). If this is the case with your organization, mention the available salary range. Be sure to also include the compensation package, including common benefits such as insurance as week as those that are usually not offered by the competition but are alluring, like:

  • Health savings account
  • Career development program
  • On-site gym
  • Flexible schedule

Legal Assistant Qualifications and Skills

  • Knowledge of Prolaw, Westlaw, and internet search engines for research purposes.
  • Ability to handle electronic and hard copy documents
  • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Great team player

Education and Experience Requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Paralegal certificate from an ABA-accredited program highly desired
  • Completion of business school as a secretary
  • Minimum of [number] years’ or relevant experience

[Call to Action] The last paragraph of your legal assistant job description is designed to convert readers into applicants. Provide a link to the hiring website or mention the necessary information candidates will need to reach out in case they have any questions.

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