Nurse Practitioner Job Description Template

Nurse practitioner checking records on handheld device.

Whether you’re hiring a nurse practitioner for a hospital or private practice, the search starts with a detailed job description that clarifies the role, responsibilities, and requirements. With a clear nurse practitioner job description (and salary information) in place, you’ll attract candidates who have the technical and interpersonal skills to provide top-notch care for your patients.

If you’re short-staffed and your team is taking on extra hours, you probably want to find the right nurse practitioner quickly.

You can save time by customizing this nurse practitioner job description sample to meet your hiring needs and your state’s laws and regulations. It may also be helpful to browse Monster’s nurse practitioner job listings for more inspiration.

Nurse practitioner checking records on handheld device.

Nurse Practitioner

[Intro Paragraph] Grab a candidate’s attention with a quick summary of the role and your company. If you’re looking for a nurse with a particular specialization, such as women’s health, pediatrics, adult health, cardiology, oncology, dermatology, or emergency care, add it here to find interested and qualified candidates. There’s a high demand for nurse practitioners, so it can be helpful to make your practice stand out from the competition by including perks like the company culture, mission, values, and any awards won.

Nurse Practitioner Job Responsibilities: Share the day-to-day responsibilities so nurse practitioners can determine if they have the necessary skills and experience. For example, you may want a nurse practitioner who:

  • Maintains confidentiality of all patient records.
  • Checks in with clients about test results and prognoses.
  • Advises patients regarding prescriptions and treatment plans.
  • Follows all federal, state, and nursing guidelines, regulations, and standards.
  • Orders and interprets diagnostic tests, including x-rays, blood work, and scans.
  • Refers patients to specialists if necessary and analyzes medical records and reports.
  • Updates patient charts and uploads to Electronic Health Record (EHR) software.
  • Works with a team of nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and doctors to provide quality patient care.
  • Examines patients, including discussing medical history and symptoms and performing physicals.
  • Knows how to use popular tools, including: medical database software, medical research software, medical diagnosis software, medical billing software, e-prescribing software, scheduling software, billing software, and telemedicine software.

[Work Hours and Benefits] Here you want to mention if you’re looking for a full-time or part-time nurse practitioner and if there are eight or 12-hour shifts. Also, note if nurses are expected to be on-call and work occasional weekends and holidays. Entice candidates to apply by sharing relevant benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, overtime pay, parental leave, opportunities for advancement, and continuing education and certification reimbursements.

Nurse Practitioner Qualifications and Skills: Next, share the necessary and preferred requirements so nurse practitioner candidates know if they’ll be considered qualified. You may want to include the following:

  • Handles the physical demands of the job, including walking and standing for long periods of time and lifting or carrying up to 50 pounds.
  • Communicates effectively, speaking multiple languages is preferred.
  • Collaborates with nurse practitioners, registered nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals.
  • Problem-solves well independently and as part of a team.
  • Develops strong relationships with patients and their families and has a stellar bedside manner.

Nurse Practitioner Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurse licenses in the state.
  • Board certification as a Nurse Practitioner in the specialty is preferred.
  • National board certification as a Nurse Practitioner from an accredited agency.
  • Master’s in Nursing required, Doctorate of Nursing preferred.
  • Two or more years of clinical experience as a nursing practitioner at a physician practice or in a hospital with a related specialty is strongly preferred.

[Call to Action] The most effective job descriptions include a friendly nudge to apply. Give candidates instructions for how to apply from the job board or on your practice or hospital’s website directly.

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