Cardiology Technician Job Description Template

Cardiology technician taking notes in an office

When you’re hiring a cardiology technician, it’s critical to find someone who knows how to perform and accurately interpret electrocardiograms and other diagnostic tests.

Finding the right person starts with writing a detailed cardiology technician job description that explains the role, responsibilities, and qualifications. The most compelling job descriptions will show why the healthcare facility is a great place to work.

You can customize this sample to start an efficient and effective hiring process. For customization ideas, it may be helpful to read other cardiology technician job postings on Monster.

Cardiology technician taking notes in an office

Cardiology Technician Job Description

[Intro Paragraph] Make a good first impression with a short introduction to your healthcare facility and the role. You may want to discuss the company culture, mission, values, and any recognition your healthcare facility has received. Attract ambitious candidates by mentioning any professional development initiatives your facility offers like trainings, continuing education reimbursements, and mentorship programs.

Cardiology Technician Job Responsibilities: Use this section of your cardiology technician job description to note the job responsibilities. Include a comprehensive list so candidates can decide whether they are excited about the work and have the necessary skillset. Here are some responsibilities you may choose to use:

  • Performs and interprets electrocardiograms and other diagnostic tests.
  • Helps doctors diagnose blood vessel and heart problems.
  • Assists doctors during medical procedures, including stent implants.
  • Makes patients feel comfortable during tests and procedures.
  • Works with doctors, nurses, and other medical and administrative staff.
  • Ensures all tools and equipment are in good condition and stocks supplies.
  • Notifies doctors and nurses about patient test results.
  • Keeps detailed patient medical records.
  • Uses electronic health record software (EHR).
  • Maintains patient confidentiality and other medical standards.
  • Follows all healthcare facility policies and procedures.

[Work Hours and Benefits] This is where you’ll note whether you’re hiring a full-time or part-time cardiology technician and the number of hours per week. If your healthcare facility has a shift schedule, mention the various shift days and times. Note whether you’re looking for someone who would need to be on call. You’ll also use this section to showcase the benefits your healthcare facility offers, like medical insurance, retirement planning, and paid time off. It’s helpful to mention the hourly rate or salary range so candidates can determine whether it works for them.

Cardiology Technician Qualifications and Skills: Use these sections of your cardiology technician job description to share the qualifications. You’re likely to get more applicants if you delineate what is required versus preferred because some candidates will only apply if they meet all the qualifications.

  • Demonstrates strong time management skills
  • Works carefully in a fast-paced medical facility.
  • Builds relationships with colleagues and patients.
  • Knows how to use common tools, equipment, and software.

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required.
  • An associate degree in cardiovascular technology is preferred.
  • At least [number] years of cardiology technician experience is required.
  • An active cardiovascular technician certification is strongly preferred.

[Call to Action] Optimize your job description by ending with a call to action. You could invite candidates to apply and provide instructions for applying from the job board or your website. You could also use this section to share the next steps in the hiring process and whether there will be an assessment.

Circulate Your Cardiology Technician Job Description

After editing your job description, you’re now ready to use it. Consider posting it on Monster for free so you can start attracting qualified candidates who have the skills and experience to be an asset to your staff and patients.