Massage Therapist Job Description Template

Massage therapists use a variety of therapeutic methods to relieve aching muscles and help their clients recover from the rigors of work, exercise, and daily life. A well-written job description can help you find the right candidates, keeping in mind that a spa massage therapist job description, for example, will differ from a contract massage therapist job description.

This job description sample can assist you in creating a job application that will attract the most qualified candidates for your open position. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific duties and requirements, and take a look through our massage therapist job listings to find even more ideas to add to your posting.

Massage Therapist

[Intro paragraph] Massage practices seeking the best therapists often begin the job description with a few sentences telling job seekers about the things that make your company unique and the value you bring to new employees. This is your chance to really make your opportunity shine and set yourself apart from any other therapist job postings.

Massage Therapist Job Responsibilities:

  • Performs professional quality massage, within scope of practice and licensing (as applicable).
  • Designs specific sessions based on members or guests individual needs.
  • Assists in the promotion of the health and wellness benefits to clients receiving massage therapy on a regular basis.
  • Creates excellent member/guest experience through friendly and helpful attitude.
  • Performs hot stone, deep muscle, or prenatal therapy, based on appropriate training and minimum clinic education hours.
  • Utilizes other approved modalities, in accordance with applicable law.
  • Communicates various promotions to clients.
  • Follows all practice policies and protocols.
  • Assists in the cleanliness of the location (therapy rooms and common areas).
  • Completes Wellness Chart documentation accurately and completely.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

[Work Hours & Benefits] Here would be a great place to include details about the working hours and benefits at your business. Tell prospective massage therapists about flexible hours or work-week structures, as well as any travel requirements. You can also describe benefits unique to your company, like tuition or continuing education credits, paid parental leave, or childcare reimbursement.

Massage Therapist Qualifications / Skills:

  • Bedside manner
  • Physiological knowledge
  • Infection control
  • Health promotion and maintenance
  • Creating a safe, effective environment
  • Informing others
  • Verbal communication
  • Medical teamwork
  • Judgment
  • Procedural skills
  • People skills

Massage Therapist Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • Minimum of 500 hours of massage therapy school and a certificate of completion
  • Adherence to all applicable local and state licensing laws and regulations related to the massage therapy services provided, including following any applicable law pertaining to maintaining current Massage License
  • Knowledge of and experience in performing Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage required, as well as knowledge of and experience in performing other modalities
  • Understands and believes in the healing benefits of massage therapy and bodywork
  • Satisfactory results of background and reference check is a condition of employment in this position

[Call to Action] Here is where your massage therapist job description can turn potential applicants into actual applicants, by letting them know exactly how to apply with a well-crafted call to action. Provide details on application, resume, and supporting documents submission and include any other requirements.

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