Non-profit Executive Director Job Description Template

This non-profit executive director job description sample is the perfect platform on which to create a posting that will attract the most dedicated candidates. Customize the structure and organization of this ad by filling it in it with your specific job duties and requirements, and turn those candidates into applicants. You can also take a look at our non-profit job listings for even more ideas on building the best description.

Non-Profit Executive Director

[Intro paragraph] Kick off your non-profit executive director job description with an introduction to the working environment and culture of your non-profit. This is your chance to truly set your charitable organization apart from the competition. A few short sentences catering your recruiting pitch to the ideal candidate will lure the best of the best.

Executive Director Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for planning, organization, and direction of the organization’s operations and programs.
  • Develops and implements consistent inventory and cost accounting policies, procedures, and operational reporting/metrics.
  • Oversees and reports on the organization’s results for board of directors.
  • Prepares accurate and timely analyses that capture and communicate fundraising results, variances, and performance trends.
  • Provides leadership to and manages the efforts of site staff to ensure appropriate support of all departments.
  • Supervises the development of operations-based financial modeling.
  • Coordinates and leads annual budget reviews, monthly and quarterly reviews, and periodic forecast updates with operational and senior management for all locations.
  • Approves major systems implementations related to cost and inventory control.
  • Retains a diverse, highly qualified staff and volunteers by providing career coaching, growth, and personal development for workers.
  • Ensures that services and funding relationships are robust enough to meet or exceed strategic goals and objectives.

[Work Hours & Benefits] The best job postings also highlight the working hours and benefits specific to each organization. This is your chance to tell prospective executive directors about work from home and support staff options, as well as the benefits that set you apart, like childcare reimbursement or paid parental leave.

Executive Director Qualifications / Skills:

  • Demonstrated leadership and management skills
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Takes initiative
  • Works independently
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Enthusiastic
  • Dynamic
  • Flexible
  • Organized
  • Collaborative

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, Accounting, or Management preferred
  • 10 or more years of non-profit management experience in an operational environment
  • 5 or more years management or supervisory experience

[Call to Action] Now that you have a candidate’s interest, you need a powerful call to action letting them know how to apply and encouraging them to do so. Advise prospective candidates whether to apply through this job listing or to contact your HR department or Board of Directors directly.

Ready for Your Job Description to Do Some Good?

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