Web Designer Job Description Template

Your website is often the first impression customers, potential clients, partners, and future employees have of your organization. A talented, experienced web designer can help make your website unique, memorable, and most of all reflective of your company’s brand and values.

Use the structure of this web designer job description template and customize it to match the details of your specific role and the needs of your business. Find more great ideas on how to format your job posting by looking through our web designer job listings.

Web Designer

[Intro Paragraph] We suggest beginning your job description with a brief introductory paragraph. This is your chance to sell candidates on your company by communicating your value proposition and getting them excited about the prospect of working for you. Get creative and give job seekers some specific details that set your job listing apart from the rest.

Web Designer Job Responsibilities:

  • Take ownership of design projects.
  • Design page layouts and templates.
  • Produce design assets for use in social media and marketing channels.
  • Develop and maintain consistent branding.
  • Collaborate with UX, marketing, engineering, and other teams.
  • Utilize data and analytics in making design decisions.
  • Work with front-end web developers to deploy designs.
  • Select and prepare imagery.
  • Create and maintain a database of design assets.

[Work Hours & Benefits] This is where we recommend adding a paragraph detailing work hours and benefits for the position being advertised. Adding this information not only makes your description more enticing to potential applicants by providing more specifics, but also gives you another opportunity to communicate aspects of the position that may be unique. Are there any special perks you offer to employees or to this role in particular? Are there work-from-home opportunities or other forms of schedule flexibility available? You will also want to be sure to mention special requirements such as weekend or evening availability.

Web Designer Qualifications/Skills:

  • Proven understanding of graphic design fundamentals
  • Demonstrated ability to take a project from concept to launch
  • Strong command of color theory, image composition, and typography
  • Excellent time-management skills
  • Ability to deliver production-ready digital assets in a wide variety of formats
  • Awareness of UI/UX principles
  • Familiarity with digital photo editing
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Comfort working in a deadline-driven environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Attention to detail with a high degree of accuracy

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a related field
  • One to three years of professional design experience
  • Portfolio of strong creative work
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)
  • Experience with HTML, Javascript, and CSS
  • Social media and email marketing experience a plus

[Call to Action] At the end of your job description, we suggest adding a call to action telling candidates how to apply for the position. Providing these instructions will help increase the response rate for your posting and will ensure that candidate responses go to the right place. For example, you can tell applicants to apply online by clicking on the apply button at the top of the listing. You can also direct candidates to email their resume to a specific email address.

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