Information Architect Job Description Template

Information architect sharing her findings with her manager.

The first step to hiring an information architect is to write a detailed job description that will attract candidates with the skills to build websites and apps that your customers or clients will love. You also want to find someone who has the drive and work ethic to advance to more senior positions.

So how do you do that? Start by reading other information architect job postings on Monster to see how your competitors are recruiting for the role. After gathering insights, you can save time and hire the right person sooner by editing this information architect job description sample.

Information architect sharing her findings with her manager.

Information Architect

[Intro Paragraph] Start with a short introduction to your company that demonstrates why it’s a great place to work. Discuss the company culture, mission, values, and any awards your company has won. Ambitious information architects will want to advance to more senior roles. Mention any professional development initiatives your company offers like trainings, mentorship programs, and professional development stipends.

Information Architect Job Responsibilities: Use this section of your information architect job description to share the responsibilities the candidate would handle. Include a detailed list so candidates can determine whether they have the skills you need and are interested in the day-to-day work. Here are some sample responsibilities to get you started:

  • Builds the information architecture for websites and apps.
  • Makes decisions based on market research and user data.
  • Runs A/B tests, multi-variate tests, and additional user tests.
  • Leads focus groups and user experience interviews.
  • Collaborates with sales, marketing, and other departments.
  • Makes improvements based on user data and team feedback.
  • Creates user flows, wireframes, site maps, mockups, and storyboards.
  • Provides support throughout the design, coding, and deployment process.
  • Presents proposals, final designs, and results to executives alongside a senior information architect.

[Work Hours and Benefits] Note whether you’re hiring a full-time or part-time information architect so potential candidates know the time commitment. Stand out from other companies by highlighting your company’s competitive benefits package and salary. Mention any other perks your company offers like performance bonuses, equity compensation, tuition reimbursement, and a hybrid workplace.

Information Architect Qualifications and Skills: Use these sections of your information architect job description to share the required and preferred skills and experiences. For example, you could include:

  • Demonstrates advanced research and analytical skills.
  • Builds relationships with colleagues across departments and seniority levels.
  • Presents proposals and projects and has strong communication skills.
  • Manages multiple assignments at once and has good project management skills.

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in information systems, information architecture, computer science, or a similar major is required.
  • A master’s degree in information systems, information architecture, computer science, or a similar major is preferred.
  • At least [number] years of related experience is required.

[Call to Action] End your job description with a strong call to action. For example, you could invite candidates to apply and include instructions for applying from the job board or your website. You could also use this section to share the next steps in the hiring process.

Start Using Your Information Architect Job Description

Your newly crafted job description will attract candidates who have the skills and experience to be a valued member of your tech team. Now you’re ready to start collecting resumes. Get connected with qualified candidates today by posting your job for free with Monster.