HR Director Job Description Template

A company's HR director sits with a new employee to help her get onboarded.

The HR director is responsible for a company’s employment policies. They are the link between management and employees, ensuring that all employment relations run smoothly for the company to achieve its organizational goals. Together with the HR department, the HR director is responsible for sourcing, onboarding, and assessing employees within the company.

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A company's HR director sits with a new employee to help her get onboarded.

HR Director

[Intro Paragraph] The HR director can work for any type of company, organization, or facility that has a human resources department. A short introduction in your HR director job description with information about the history of the company, the culture, and why a new or additional HR director is needed allows future candidates make informed decisions.

HR Director Job Responsibilities: The responsibilities of an HR director differ per company and depend on the size of the staff. These responsibilities are regularly assigned to the HR director and should be included in your HR director job description:

  • Develops organization strategies by identifying and researching human resources issues.
  • Implements human resources strategies by establishing department accountabilities, including talent acquisition, staffing, employment processing, and compensation.
  • Manages human resources operations by recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, coaching, and counseling staff.
  • Develops human resources operations financial strategies by estimating, forecasting, and anticipating requirements.
  • Accomplishes special project results by identifying and clarifying issues and priorities.
  • Supports management by providing human resources advice, counsel, and decisions.
  • Guides management and employee actions by researching, developing, writing, and updating policies.
  • Complies with federal, state, and local legal requirements by studying existing and new legislation.
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in conferences and educational opportunities.

[Work Hours and Benefits] Most HR directors work a full-time schedule during regular business hours but, depending on the company, may be required to work overtime. You may also want to share features of the compensation package in your HR director job description. Mention the salary, or a salary range based on experience, and don’t forget to include additional benefits like health insurance, paid vacation time, team outings, and commuter benefits.

HR Director Qualifications and Skills

  • Great people skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Ability to multitask
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Solid written and verbal communication skills
  • Good problem-solving skills

Education and Experience Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in human resources management
  • Minimum of [years] experience in human resources

[Call to Action] Optimize your HR director job description by inviting interested readers to apply. Include instructions for applying on your company’s website, the job board, or by coming into the office. Provide the expected timeline of the recruiting and hiring process so candidates are prepared.

Put Your HR Director Job Description to Good Use

Finding the ideal HR director candidate can be a challenge. After all, you want to ensure that in addition to great leadership skills, your new hire cares for the company and its people. Monster has the tools to help you reach these talented candidates by offering a job post for free.