Construction Estimator Job Description Template

Construction estimator calculating budget while looking at plans

A construction estimator draws up, estimates, and determines the overall costs of a new or existing construction project. They create a list with all the needed materials and write down an estimated amount necessary to complete the client’s project.

Whether they’re employed by commercial clients or residential clients, estimators work closely with architects, engineers, and vendors to calculate costs.

With the help of this construction estimator job description template, you can write your own unique job posting. You can also view construction estimator jobs posted by other companies to see how to make your job stand out.

Construction estimator calculating budget while looking at plans

Construction Estimator

[Intro Paragraph] Start your construction estimator job description with a short introductory paragraph. Provide a detailed description of the type of construction work involved, as well as a description of potential clients. This paragraph is the first glimpse a future candidate is going to get from your job posting, so you want to leave a great first impression by standing out.

Construction Estimator Job Responsibilities: The next section of your job posting should provide responsibilities the candidate would handle. Write down a detailed list so candidates can determine whether they’re right for the position. Here are some examples of responsibilities you may want to include:

  • Prepares and estimates budget costs for construction by studying plans and specifications.
  • Evaluates offers to purchase by site requirements, additions, and costing changes.
  • Resolves cost differences by analyzing and collecting info.
  • Writes up and presents budgets, reports, and project plans.
  • Develops bids for construction projects.
  • Works closely with architects and other professionals.
  • Schedules meetings with clients, site managers, and staff.
  • Navigates and understands building codes.
  • Processes paperwork and travels to building sites as required.
  • Monitors construction processes.
  • Stays up to date with safety codes and improvements in construction.

[Work Hours and Benefits]: Following the job responsibilities, the next part of your construction estimator job description is providing information on work hours and benefits. Note whether you’re hiring for a part-time or full-time position, so potential candidates know the time commitment.

This paragraph is also a great opportunity to show what your company has to offer by highlighting the competitive benefits package and salary. Are there other bonuses and perks your company has to offer like equity compensation, performance bonuses, and tuition reimbursement? Don’t forget to mention those as well.

Construction Estimator Qualifications and Skills:

  • Strong math skills including algebra, geometry, and basic arithmetic
  • Ability to navigate specifications and plans
  • Proficiency in demonstrating proposals and projects
  • Ability to handle multiple assignments at once
  • Knowledge of the latest building codes
  • Close attention to detail
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in mathematics, architecture, or a similar field is required
  • Certificate in general construction, roofing, electrician etc.
  • At least [number] years of related experience is required

[Call to Action] It’s important that the last part of your job posting includes a strong call to action. You want to invite possible candidates to apply to your job posting by providing them with clear instructions on how to do so. Provide a link if you want candidates to directly apply on your website or provide the right email address if you want them to send their resume to the hiring manager directly. Make it as convenient as possible.

Find Your Next Hire With the Right Construction Estimator Job Description

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