Budget Analyst Job Description Template

This budget analyst job description sample can assist you in creating a job application that will attract the top candidates who are qualified for the role. Feel free to revise this outline to meet your specific duties and requirements, and then browse Monster’s budget analyst job listings to find more ideas for crafting the best description.

Budget Analyst

[Intro paragraph] You’ll want to introduce prospective analysts to your company and highlight what makes working in your office unique. Take a few short sentences to really set your company apart from competing job listings and sell yourself to job seekers.

Budget Analyst Job Responsibilities:

  • Collaborates with executives and project managers to develop a budget.
  • Evaluates and approves or rejects budget proposals and funding requests.
  • Conducts cost-benefit analyses to determine value.
  • Determines whether budget proposals are in compliance with regulations.
  • Defends budget recommendations and developing a final budgetary agreement with management.
  • Monitors spending to ensure it remains within budget.
  • Estimates and forecasts future financial need and supports programs with financial analytics.
  • Participates in establishing and defining program plan requirements and conducts program plan studies.
  • Monitors and reports performance against plans to ensure that contractual, cost, and schedule objectives are met.
  • Prepares estimates to complete (ETC) and spend plans, audits subcontractor invoices, and provides briefings and related documentation and reports for financial assessments.
  • Forecasts and tracks financial results throughout the year to meet budget projections.
  • Organizes budget templates and data in a clear and intuitive manner.
  • Helps identify financial or operating risks associated with the execution of the contract or project.
  • Provides project summary status reports to management as required or requested.

[Work Hours & Benefits] This is an excellent place to talk about the working hours and benefits specific to your company. Take this opportunity in your budget analyst job description to tell prospective candidates about work from home and support staff options, and sell them on the benefits that set your firm apart, such as stock and ownership options, paid parental leave, or corporate travel accounts.

Budget Analyst Qualifications / Skills:

  • Developing budgets
  • Financial skills
  • Tracking budget expenses
  • Analyzing information
  • Auditing, accounting, and corporate finance
  • Managing processes
  • Developing standards
  • Performance management
  • Financial software

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance
  • Minimum 5-10 years’ experience in accounting/finance
  • Experience in working with multiple legal entities under different legal umbrellas
  • Experience with financial reporting requirements

[Call to Action] Now that applicants are familiar with your firm and the specific job requirements, here is where the most effective job descriptions turn job seekers into actual applicants. And you do that with a compelling call to action that lets candidates know exactly how to apply, whether it’s submitting an application and resume to someone at your company or clicking the “apply” button on this posting.

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