Compliance Auditor Job Description Template

Compliance auditor reviewing records in file storage area

Compliance auditors work closely with upper management staff in various industries like finance, security, and accounting. They’re responsible for making sure the company is complying with both state and federal regulations, and sometimes are tasked with enforcing internally established guidelines. This compliance auditor job description sample can help you find the right fit for your organization.

Since there are many different departments a compliance auditor may be responsible for, it’s important to write a clear and distinct job description to help you attract the best possible candidates for your job opening. Check out some examples of compliance auditor job postings on Monster for a head start.

Compliance auditor reviewing records in file storage area

Compliance Auditor

[Intro Paragraph] Start your compliance auditor job description by writing an introductory paragraph. Here, you will motivate future candidates to apply to your job opening by telling them about the company, which may include some background information, work ethics, and what the company stands for.

Compliance Auditor Job Responsibilities: In this section of the job description, you will want to list the required responsibilities a candidate will need to execute the job. This will candidates determine whether they’re right for the position. Examples may include:

  • Manages and enforces an effective legal compliance program that’s in line with both federal and state laws.
  • Expands and reviews company policies.
  • Provides management reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing management information.
  • Completes audit work papers and memorandums by documenting audit tests and findings.
  • Recommends the management team on the current company’s compliance with laws and regulations through elaborated reports.
  • Meets cost standard by monitoring expenses and implementing cost-saving actions.
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities like reading professional publications, maintaining personal networks, and participating in professional organizations.
  • Meets work standards by following production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards; resolving operational problems; and identifying work process improvements.
  • Ensures compliance with regulations and controls by examining and analyzing records, reports, operating practices, and documentation; and recommending opportunities to strengthen the internal control structure.
  • Verifies assets and liabilities by comparing items to documentation.

[Work Hours and Benefits]: Even though the working hours of a compliance auditor might be straight-forward, it is still important to write down the hours they’ll be working. Mention if you’re looking to hire full time or part time and whether overtime may be necessary. To show that you’re appreciative of their hard work, be sure to address the salary range and benefits, including health insurance, 401(k), and PTO.

Compliance Auditor Qualifications and Skills:

Within this section of the compliance auditor job description, you can share the preferred and necessary qualifications. You could include the following:

  • Understands the path of risk assessments
  • Comfortable using quality assuring software and data analysis
  • Can keep a cool head during stress
  • Enjoys working alone
  • Strong communication and multitasking skills
  • A keen eye for detail

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in relevant industry
  • At least [number] years of work experience is preferred
  • Completion of relevant industry-specific certification

[Call to Action] The end of your job description should provide a clear call to action that lists instructions on how to apply for the position. Here you can let applicants know whether they should send their resume and cover letter to a given email address or click a link to your company’s website.

A Great Compliance Auditor Posting Attracts the Best Candidates

Now that you have everything you need to write a professional compliance auditor job description, you’ll want to start looking for the most qualified candidates for the job. Monster is happy to lend you a hand, and offers a free job post to help you find the most qualified candidates in the industry.