Art Director Job Description Template

A skilled and creative art director can make your company stand out from the crowd. The best talent will respond favorably to a well-written art director job description and salary information (if provided), so this is your chance to put your best foot forward.

This art director job description template will help you create an effective job posting. You can customize the basic format of this template to suit your own needs and preferences. For additional resources, take a look at our art director job listings.

Art Director

[Intro Paragraph] Be sure to discuss what makes your company unique and exciting in the introduction of your posting, whether it’s a senior art director job description, fashion art director job description, or another related position. Make it clear exactly what this role entails and use language accordingly (for instance, there may be subtle differences when considering terms such as art director vs. creative director).

This is a chance to make your organization shine and stand apart from your competitors. Help job seekers imagine what it might be like to work at your company in this particular role.

Art Director Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Produces art layouts by developing art concepts and providing work direction to staff.
  • Trains, assigns, schedules, and coaches employees.
  • Meets art department work standards by following production, productivity, quality, and customer service standards.
  • Resolves operational problems.
  • Identifies work process improvements.
  • Meets art department cost standards by monitoring expenses and implementing cost-saving actions.
  • Formulates art concepts by supervising workers engaged in executing layout designs for artwork and copy to be presented by visual communications media.
  • Keeps customers informed by reviewing illustrative material for presentation.
  • Reviews project production factors by studying budget, background information, objectives, presentation approaches, styles, and techniques.
  • Selects and secures illustrative material by formulating basic layout design concepts and conducting research.
  • Produces layouts for printing by marking-up, pasting-up, and finishing layouts.
  • Obtains client approval by presenting final layouts, storyboards, and illustrations; and responds to client commentary and requests.
  • Improves quality results by studying, evaluating, and re-designing processes.
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities, reading professional publications, and participating in professional organizations.
  • Enhances art department and organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests.

[Work Hours & Benefits] This is the ideal place to add a summary of work hours and benefits, including break schedules and overtime requirements, which will encourage potential applicants to continue reading. Be sure to add any benefits that make your workplace stand apart from the competition, including vacation, flex time, and retirement plans.

Art Director Skills and Qualifications:

  • Coordination
  • Creativity
  • Vision
  • Project management
  • Graphic design skills
  • Developing creative standards
  • Proficiency with illustration tools
  • Desktop publishing skills
  • Multimedia content development

Education and Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in an art, fine arts or design
  • 5 years of experience as an art director or creative director
  • 3 years within an agency environment
  • Background in Keynote, Google Suite, Powerpoint, and Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere, and Animate)

[Call to Action] At the end of your art director job description, you will want to add a call to action so applicants know exactly how to respond. By providing a specific way for applicants to apply, such as by clicking on a link or submitting their resume via email, you are likely increasing your odds of getting successful responses.

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