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Job Description Resource Page

Job Description Resource Page

A well-written job description will help you attract qualified job seekers — and simplify your resume review process. 

Be sure to reign in the job requirements by being as specific as possible about the job skills you’re looking for in a candidate.

Respondents to Monster’s research evaluated the structure of an online job posting in order of importance as:

1. Job Description/About the Job
2. Responsibilities
3. Qualifications
4. Compensation
5. Company Description
6. Benefits Summary
7. Job Title
8. Company Name/Logo

As a document, the job description is your company brand. Use the resources below to create a great posting.

Tips for Creating a Monster Job Posting:

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Enhance your Job Description:

Make your job description stand out with Job Bolding.

Attract attention to your job description with a Video Profile

Reinforce your company’s image with Enhanced Job Branding