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Video interview solutions for remote hiring

Video interview solutions for remote hiring

Even before the coronavirus pandemic caused companies to shift to virtual hiring, many employers and recruiters were already taking advantage of video interviews because they help streamline the hiring process, especially at the early phases of candidate screening.

But now, remote interviewing is becoming the new norm. When it’s not possible to meet face-to-face, companies can quickly pivot to video-based activities to keep their hiring activity going. And even when it is possible to meet candidates in-person, many companies may choose to add video interviews to their long-term recruitment repertoire.

Interest in video interviewing is on the rise

According to Monster research, even before COVID-19, 85% of candidates said they’d be interested in video as part of their job search. More recently, candidates told us they’d like to use pre-recorded video interviews because they can practice and prerecord — and stay safely in their homes until the social isolation regulations have been lifted.
When we asked employers how they feel recruiting will change post-COVID-19, many say they’ll rely much more heavily on virtual or phone interviewing at the outset of hiring, and they may eliminate in-person group interviews entirely.

Employers told us their younger candidates expect these video solutions:

  • Video interviews (36%)
  • Video job descriptions (27%)
  • Video applications (25%)
  • Video featuring a recruiter describing a job ad (22%)

Why use video interviews for your small or medium-sized businesses?

Since the coronavirus pandemic turned the job market on its head, there are far more candidates than available jobs, so some companies are being inundated with applicants. For small businesses with limited staff,  video interviews allow you to screen more candidates than you could in-person, weeding out the less qualified applicants from the ones you’d like to move to the next level.

Small to medium-sized companies are turning to video interviews for a variety of other reasons. For one thing, video interviews can save time. If you choose an on-demand option, one member of your team can post an interview question, and candidates record their answers, so multiple people can view candidate responses when it’s convenient for them. No need to set aside time for in-person interviews.

How can video interviewing help with high-volume hiring needs?

If you’re recruiting for a large organization with high-volume hiring needs, video interviews can streamline your entire hiring process, cutting costs and creating efficiencies that will get your roles filled faster. Here are just a few benefits for larger companies:

  • As companies adjust to new social distancing measures, video interviews let you start hiring safely, creating comfort level for your hiring staff and candidates.
  • Video allows you to interview candidates wherever they are, and with on-demand options, you don’t even have to consider time zones and complex scheduling issues.
  • Virtual interviewing is great for larger companies looking to recruit for many roles. You can receive recorded interview responses from multiple candidates simultaneously and review them on your own time.
  • Increase collaboration and save time.  Record and post your interview questions in advance for consistency and then easily share the recorded candidate responses, with ratings, comment and feedback across your team members.
  • With a growing candidate pool, video helps you screen less qualified applicants so you can find the right-fit candidates faster.
  • Set-up group interviews with multiple people at the same time.

Ready to start using video for your high-volume hiring needs? Download our free Remote Hiring Guide and find out how to add video and other remote tactics to your recruitment strategy.