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Holiday Jobs: The Outlook for Hiring College Students

Holiday Jobs: The Outlook for Hiring College Students

By: Jacy Shillan, Senior Marketing Manager, Monster

The holiday hiring season is nearly upon us and planning for holiday jobs is important to college students and recent grads, as well as employers.

To provide employers who are looking to find top talent with some insight into what students are planning, MonsterCollege surveyed 549 college students and recent grads on their plans for finding holiday jobs during their upcoming holiday break.

What Students and Recent Grads are Planning
The survey asked about overall plans and goals for working, volunteering, heading home or vacationing during the holiday break. The responses were summarized and the key points have been outlined.

  • When asked what they intended to do over their holiday break, working and volunteering were chosen by most with a combined 32%, while visiting family and relaxing each garnered17% of the response.
  • Funding college expenses appears to be a primary goal for getting a holiday job during their school break. It received the most response with 19%. Gaining work experience was the next most popular goal at 12%. When asked if they would become an unpaid volunteer if it gave them key work experience in their field, 47% stated they would. 
  • Many of those surveyed have already planned their holiday break: 46% said they have already secured their holiday job, 4% have a college internship and 3% plan on a volunteer position. 

Holiday Jobs that Make the Wish List
To bring a personal element to the survey, MonsterCollege provided a place to express their dream job for this brief time. The responses were as varied as today’s college students.
Some chose the “win the lottery” route, but most responses were sincere and forthcoming, with many students dreaming for a job in their chosen field as indicated by the survey. Below are several interesting responses to the question, “If you could get your dream job over the holiday break, what would it be”:

  • Teaching a class of special needs students
  • Cataloging for a small library or museum, or work at the archives
  • I would be a social services case manager
  • College intern position with large corporation in business analysis or contracting
  • Something in the travel/aviation industry or (Federal) government
  • Working with customers and/or a service job in my community
  • Working in a high end bakery making different pastries
  • Forest protection officer
  • Working in the ski /action sports industry
  • Event planning or working in a hotel

MonsterCollege found the overall survey results provides employers an interesting look into the holiday hiring season of today’s emerging workforce. Survey respondents included 51% current college students intending to graduate in 2012 or after, 40% college graduates and 9% other student types.