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Coronavirus job search and hiring trends

Coronavirus job search and hiring trends

To help make sense of how the rapidly changing world is impacting the way we work, we’ve been looking at coronavirus hiring trends by conducting weekly polls, gathering proprietary Monster data, and asking our community of candidates and employers how they’re responding to the shifts around work and coronavirus. Here’s a look at the most recent Monster insights:


Job search trends 

Reopening economy continues to influence job search

With the majority of the country re-opening, retail has a seen a spike in job searches; it’s highest level in the past eight weeks. Similarly, postings for retail sales person jobs saw its highest level of new listings for the past eight weeks.

Pharmacy more than doubled in searches week-over-week to its highest search rates, even before the pandemic. And perhaps in reaction to more retail stores re-opening, sales manager, retail and buyer were the highest they’ve been in 8 weeks.

One other notable jump was change was that “part-time” moved from #12 to #4, almost back to its pre-COVID-19 ranking.

Business continuity is leading some new jobs

Business and Financial Operations, which includes a wide variety of occupations including insurance appraisers, budget analysts, management analysts, accountants and auditors, and logisticians continues to be one of the industries with the most new jobs on Monster this past week, with business operations specialists and market research analysts ranking high among new job postings. Indicating a continued effort to start the process toward a new normal.

Location trends

Searches move back to major markets this week

The last few weeks saw some outliers like Lafayette, LA and Huntsville, AL, but this week sees a return to major market job searches, likely because more and more metro areas are getting back to work.
This week, Houston, TX leads the list of top 10 cities being searched by candidates on Monster, followed by New York, Dallas, Atlanta and Seattle.

New resumes on Monster 

Categories with the highest new resumes posted this week are consistent with previous weeks and include the following top 5:

  •  IT/ Software development
  • Administrative/Clerical
  • Sales/Retail/Business Development
  • Accounting/Finance/Insurance
  • Manufacturing/Production/Operations

Community insights

Each week, we check in with our dedicated audience of employers and candidates, curated by C-Space, to take their pulse on how their jobs and hiring strategies have been impacted by COVID-19.

Optimism is starting to return

Our community of candidates and employers is expressing more optimism this past week. Indications of re-opening are contributing to feelings of hopefulness, which is the first time that positive sentiment is increasing since we’re started tracking in late March.

Flexibility as part of the new normal

For those candidates actively seeking a new job, many are willing to continue working from home when their workplace reopens, are somewhat flexible on salary when considering a new role, but are not particularly flexible when it comes to benefits if offered a new job, according to Monster’s community of job candidates.

Interestingly, our employer audience expected candidates to be much more flexible in all areas than the candidates self-reported, showing a possible disconnect in expectations between candidate and employer as both navigate this new normal.

Polling Data

We’ve been conducting polls via email of our employer and candidate audiences, asking questions that seem most timely in a given week.

Workers are still experiencing burnout despite self-care habits. Just over half of respondents (51%) admit to experiencing burnout while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The majority of respondents (71%) are making an effort to take time for themselves during the work day, such as taking a break, going for a walk, spending time with family, etc. Surprisingly, over half of respondents (52%) are not planning to take time off or vacation time to decompress during the COVID-19 pandemic despite facing burnout.

How Monster is helping

Monster partnered with CVS to post 10,000 jobs to Monster.com to help fill jobs in essential categories. In a “from home to help senior care” initiative, Monster partnered with MIT-based COVID-19 Policy Alliance and Massachusetts Senior Care Association to recruit for long-term senior care positions. Twelve hundred senior living jobs are now posted on Monster’s career site, at no cost, with many of the openings requiring no prior experience.

Monster is posting advice and content on our dedicated coronavirus landing page and we’re offering free job listings through May 31 to all companies on the frontline including healthcare, warehousing and logistics, shipping and delivery services, food supply chain and crisis response, giving them the ability to post new mission-critical jobs in response to the surge for urgent roles. To date, the value of free healthcare job listings Monster has totaled $523K in the U.S.

Finally, in response to the fact that remote hiring has become so much more prevalent in a post-COVID-19 world, we’ve added video interview capabilities for new and existing subscription customers who purchase job postings on our e-commerce site. If you have high-volume hiring needs, contact one of our dedicated specialists who can help.