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Production Assistant Job Description Sample

This production assistant job description sample is designed to allow you to get your advertisement ready for primetime in no time. Use this structure and format, plug in the specific requirements for your open position, and you can create the ad that will attract the best candidates for your company. If you need more ideas about what to include, browse our production assistant job listings.

Production Assistant

[Intro paragraph] The best job postings use the first paragraph to write a quick introduction to their company. Consider this as a marketing piece, describing your company to prospective employees and letting them know all the benefits of working for you. Set your company apart from the competition by telling job seekers what you bring to the table for new hires.

Production Assistant Job Responsibilities:

  • Assists in the production of long and short form content for multiple internal groups and advertisers.
  • Contributes to long- and short-form integration proposals and topline concepts.
  • Manages timelines for integrated content and tracks advertiser supplied product & assets for integrations.
  • Ensures internal department workflow and tracking documents up to date.
  • Logs and archives all long and short form content the company produces.
  • Edits video clips of integrated content the company produces as necessary and uploads on the company’s web site.
  • Works closely with the network or studio scheduling teams to track delivery, air dates, and times of upcoming integrated content.
  • Gathers and edits content for on-air short form content and internal presentations.
  • Support the team on all integrations and proposals.

[Work Hours & Benefits] Research shows that job descriptions perform better when they include a paragraph about working hours and benefits right here. Include information about things like seasonal or travel requirements, and don’t forget highlight any office perks unique to your firm, like company discounts and profit-sharing opportunities.

Production Assistant Qualifications / Skills:

  • Strong television or film production background
  • Editing abilities
  • Project Management
  • Ability to handle multiple projects under tight deadlines
  • Proactive, with a high level of organization
  • Promoting process improvement
  • Ability to communicate with production companies in a professional, television term related manner
  • Developing creative standards

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Film, Communications, Advertising, or related field
  • 1-3 years of television or film production experience
  • Knowledge of Final Cut Pro or similar non-linear editing software
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel

[Call to Action] A truly effective job advertisement gives potential candidates a direction on how to apply to your job. A strong call to action tells your prospective production assistants where to send their resume or whether click the “apply” button at the top of the ad. Advise candidates of any additional application requirements, like a cover letter or portfolio items.


Is Your Production Assistant Job Description Ready for the Big Screen?

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