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2014 Workforce Talent: Job Seeker Survey

2014 Workforce Talent: Job Seeker Survey

A Comprehensive Look at Seeker Attitudes

As the U.S. job market continues to slowly build momentum and employers are increasingly challenged to compete for top talent, many are left to wonder, "What is top of mind for today's job seekers?"

Monster’s 2014 Workforce Talent Job Seeker Survey focuses on the frustrations and perceptions felt by job seekers both employed, unemployed and those seeking re-entry into the workforce.

This 57-page study answers this question from a variety of perspectives, including:
  • Current job seeker challenges
  • Factors that motivate job seekers towards career change
  • Level of confidence in finding a job
  • The job outlook for the year to come
Results from the survey ranked work safety, job location, co-workers and a flexible work schedule as the biggest contributors to worker satisfaction -- significantly outranking salary and career advancement.

A sampling of survey findings showed that:
  • 47% of job seekers feel that job requirement are too specific
  • 58% of job seekers say a company's brand image has no impact on whether they apply for a job
  • 72% of male respondents are willing to relocate for a job, versus 54% of female respondents
Learn more about what's top of mind for today's job seekers by downloading Monster's 2014 Workforce Talent Job Seeker Survey.

Survey Methodology: Survey results are based on a sample of Monster Job Seekers and are not intended as a representation of the overall marketplace.

The national survey was conducted by Monster between January 16, 2014 to February 6, 2014, and consists of about 1,100 job seekers both currently employed, unemployed, and those seeking entry or re-entry into the workforce.

The survey was designed to be inclusive of all Monster Job Seekers who have actively used their My Monster account over the past 3 years.

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