Recruiting For Retail: 5 Tips

Two retail store colleagues checking records and discussing inventory.

From food and beverages to household items and electronics, the retail industry is segmented into many different divisions. Because it’s such a widespread industry, retail employees account for a large part of the workforce. However, the downside to recruiting for retail is a high employee turnover rate. Retail employees often leave their jobs for a better position, higher pay, or a different manager. The high turnover rate, in combination with the dominance of e-commerce, poses significant challenges for the brick-and-mortar retail industry.

When searching for retail talent, you need people with great customer service skills and knowledge about the products they sell. The key to a successful retail business is to cultivate and maintain a high satisfaction rate among both customers and employees.

The following five tips will help you get get started on the right track when you’re recruiting for retail:

  1. Define your hiring goals
  2. Use your job description as a marketing tool
  3. Showcase your supportive work environment
  4. Determine your recruitment strategy
  5. Focus on a retention strategy

1. Define Your Hiring Goals

Start your recruitment process by defining your ideal candidate and hiring goals. Outline the needs of the open position(s) and match them with a preferred skill set, experience level, and other job-specific requirements.

Running a retail establishment requires constant assessment of shifting trends and conditions, which means your hiring needs can change drastically within a year. Therefore, it’s important to be flexible while planning for future anticipations. Creating a hiring timeline, based on expectations and seasonal shifts, will help to ensure you’re hiring as effectively as possible.

2. Use Your Job Description as a Marketing Tool

A job description is one of the first points of contact between your business and potential candidates. Take advantage of this “first impression” opportunity by using your job post as a marketing tool when you’re recruiting for retail.

Include a list of essential job-related responsibilities needed to successfully perform the job, benefits that make you stand out from the competition, and key information about your business to help candidates visualize what it’s like to work for your company. Be sure to use keywords that qualified candidates may be using when searching for job openings.

Your goal is to write an impressive job post, one that excites candidates and encourages them to apply. An active tone and call to action will help generate more applicants from your retail sales job description.

3. Showcase Your Supportive Work Environment

In today’s workplace, employees expect a more supportive work environment that’s rooted in diversity, respect, and opportunity. Explain the company’s core values and culture to prospective candidates and ensure them that all staff, from leadership to HR, are aligned and share the same values.

When you’re recruiting for retail, be sure to showcase your supportive work environment by following these tips:

  • Promote diversity and inclusion. By promoting a diverse and inclusive environment, you prove that you’re taking social responsibility seriously. Include information about your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion on your website, career site, or job post.
  • Allow humor but prioritize respect. Work can be stressful, so when a lighthearted moment presents itself, allow your staff to have fun and break up the routine from time to time. Ensure that it’s understood that respect for each other is still the number one priority.
  • Maintain a strict zero-tolerance policy. It’s just as important for a company to create a safe environment as it is to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Employees need to know that they can speak openly about any issues they might come up whilwith e feeling safe and being taken seriously.

4. Determine Your Recruitment Strategy

Recruiting for retail requires a strong recruitment strategy. Using your candidate profile, create a strategy to connect with the right group of candidates who fit your needs.

  • Post your job opening. The most basic recruitment strategy starts by posting your job opening. Most companies post theirs on online job boards or social media, but you’ll want to take the time to find the right place for your ad.
  • Create a list. The next step is to create a list of candidates you want to interview, based on a thorough evaluation of the submitted resumes.
  • Interview prospective candidates. There could be several rounds of interviews where you focus on the candidate’s skills, experience, and demeanor. The final decision on the new hire is based on the last conducted interview.

5. Focus On a Retention Strategy

Once you’ve hired your top picks, you’ll want to take the necessary steps to keep them in your employ as long as possible. Retaining employees requires the commitment to a supportive work environment, competitive wages, and more.

Here are some tips to help you raise your retention rate:

  • Build and maintain positive relationships. By investing time and effort in your employees, for example protecting them from unreasonable customers, you show that you’re on their side. Encourage employees to engage in casual conversations with their colleagues, which can help create a work culture based on mutual respect.
  • Recognize accomplishments. Depending on the scale of the achievement, this can easily be achieved by giving a public shout-out or a reward in the form of a bonus or raise.
  • Be open and accepting of feedback. Your employees need to feel like they’re being listened to. Be open to their feedback and show that you’re willing to make changes. A regular feedback session will not just help you retain employees but will also keep them engaged.

Start Recruiting for Retail Today!

These five steps can help you get the retail recruiting process started and find talented candidates with the right background who match your company’s work values. Monster can lend a hand by offering a free job post to help you get the hiring process started.