Concierge Job Description Template

This concierge job description sample provides the perfect format for a posting that will attract the best candidates to your company. For best results, keep the overall structure and organization of this outline, then customize it with the job duties and requirements specific to your open position. If you’d like even more ideas on how to fill out a fitting description, check out Monster’s concierge job listings.


[Intro paragraph] Job postings that garner the most attention often take the next 2-3 sentences to introduce their business to prospective hires. This is your chance to set your hotel or resort apart from competing listings and sell yourself to job seekers by highlighting the unique company culture, working environment, and anything else you bring to the table for incoming concierges.

Concierge Job Responsibilities:

  • Meets with guests and provides outstanding customer service to all guests, owners, and visitors of the hotel.
  • Assists guests and owners in a branded, friendly, proactive and efficient manner with appropriate follow-up as necessary.
  • Knows all essential aspects of our resort or hotel operations.
  • Builds an extensive knowledge base of local area restaurants, shops, attractions, transportation options, and airports.
  • Maintains a positive and professional relationship with all vendors and merchants.
  • Supports operations partners and vendors delivering communication to managers and guests on a daily basis.
  • Supports the marketing and sales department with administrative tasks.
  • Maintains inventory and stock of supplies, brochures, and collateral for concierge desks.
  • Prints and delivers correspondence to the front desk for guests prior to arrival.
  • Provides pre-arrival support for guests arriving on packages.
  • Facilitates correspondence with guests.
  • Acts as the site liaison for the services and sales center.
  • Works collaboratively with any resort associates and resources.

[Work Hours & Benefits] This is where you may want to take a moment in your concierge job description to highlight your company’s working hours and benefits. Let potential applicants know about the opportunity for overtime or required seasonal availability. You can also list any benefits that set your company apart, like commissions, meal or lodging discounts, or paid time off.

Concierge Qualifications / Skills:

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • True desire to satisfy the needs of others in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to interact with all guests and owners, internal and external, effectively with tact and diplomacy
  • Ability to suggest a wide variety of local and statewide attractions for guest entertainment
  • Basic mathematical and calculator skills
  • Strong follow through skills

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • BA/BS University degree with a concentration in marketing, promotions, advertising sales, or business administration preferred
  • 3 to 5 years of sales experience preferred
  • Familiarity with location, neighborhood, and local attractions, including restaurants, bars, and nightlife
  • Working knowledge of office software, point-of-sale, and phone systems

[Call to Action] Now that prospective concierges are familiar with your resort and the job requirements, you need a powerful call to action to turn them into applicants. Let them know how and where to submit an application, resume, and supporting documents, or simply tell them to click the “apply” button at the top of the description.

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