Chief Marketing Officer Job Description Template

A chief marketing officer meets with a coworker.

If you’re looking for a C-suite level marketing leader, odds are you’re looking to grow the visibility and reach of multiple products, product lines, or even brands, or you have a new company that is taking off fast enough to require the expertise of a high-level marketing pro who can help you build a robust marketing team. In either case, your ideal chief marketing officer will likely need to have a hard-to-find combination of vision and flare and the ability to crunch numbers and build highly productive teams.

They’ll need to be able to work with stakeholders from other departments, such as sales and product development, and be familiar with brand management and development, consumer behavior, and digital marketing trends, including social media best practices and search engine optimization (SEO). Complicating your search for this critical role is the fact that the demand for marketing and advertising management positions is expected to grow by 10% in the next decade, faster than the rate of most professions.

The chief marketing officer job description below can be used as a template, which you can tweak to create the perfect job post to meet your needs and attract top performers. For even more ideas, you can browse through Monster’s current listings for marketing management positions.

A chief marketing officer meets with a coworker.

Chief Marketing Officer Job Description

Intro Paragraph: Your job description should begin with a concise overview of the position and what you seek in an ideal candidate. Writing this summary will help you focus on the most critical qualities you are seeking in your marketing team leader.

You might phrase it as follows: We are looking for a results-focused chief marketing officer who can extend our brand reach, support our sales staff, and grow our client base. The ideal candidate is a talented marketing expert and team leader.

About Our Company: In a brief paragraph, summarize your organizational mission and values and explain what makes your workplace unique. For example, do you emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), workplace wellness, or community service? Do you run a multinational brand with extensive resources and opportunities for advancement or a small regional business with close ties to your community and customers? The more you can communicate the elements that define your company culture and employer brand, the more likely you are to attract applicants that will be a good fit.

Chief Marketing Officer Responsibilities: The following list of day-to-day job responsibilities may differ significantly, depending on the size of your company and promotions team and your marketing budget and brand reach.

  • Determines a marketing plan designed to grow market share, boost sales, increase brand awareness, and meet revenue goals.
  • Monitors direct competitors, tracks marketing and economic trends, and researches consumer behavior to develop promotional strategies and grow customer demand for products and services.
  • Grows market share by supporting the sales staff and creating marketing programs across products and product lines.
  • Identifies short- and long-term issues that might hinder sales and marketing efforts and devises strategies to address these challenges by advising sales and senior leadership and giving directives to marketing staff.
  • Develops marketing plans for each product or product line.
  • Grows brand recognition and secures consumer loyalty by strengthening customer relations procedures and overseeing company presence at conventions, trade shows, and seminars, and involvement in professional associations.
  • Provides market research to product developers to help determine future avenues for business growth by finding new uses for existing products and direction for new product development.
  • Oversees marketing and promotions budget and scheduling expenditures.
  • Hires, manages, and mentors marketing staff, providing assessment, coaching, and professional development support.
  • Maintains and develops relationships with outside agencies, vendors, consultants, and freelance staff.
  • Develops professional expertise by researching consumer behavior, marketing best practices, and technical advances relevant to the field, attending professional conferences and workshops, and participating in professional associations.

Work Hours and Benefits: Next, you’ll want to include the required hours, salary range, and benefits that come with this position. To determine a fair offer for your city, you can use a salary tool like Monster’s, which allows you to the input job title and location and calculate estimates for low, median, and high salary offers. Include travel requirements and any sought-after benefits and perks, such as profit sharing, stock options, 401(k), and performance-based bonus potential.

Chief Marketing Officer Skills/Qualifications: Exhaustive lists of required skills and experiences can be detrimental if you want to strengthen your DEI initiatives by attracting women applicants or candidates from underrepresented groups. You may want to limit the number of required skills and requirements or divide your needs between “required” and “optional” qualifications.

  • Customer relations expertise
  • Leadership skills
  • Management and staff development experience
  • Customer focus
  • Market research skills and statistical analysis
  • Budgeting experience
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Strategic mindset
  • Interpersonal and teambuilding skills
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s in marketing or a related field
  • Master’s in marketing or an master’s in business administration (MBA), preferred
  • Management-level experience in one or more marketing specialties, for example, media placement, digital marketing, brand management, or marketing and consumer behavior analysis.
  • Familiarity with consumer relationship systems (CRMs), content management systems (CMSs), and data mining software.
  • Professional Certified Marketer (PCM), Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP), and Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI) certifications are a plus.

Call to Action: End your chief marketing officer job description with a “call to action” that encourages qualified applicants to “apply now” by completing an online application.

Leverage Your Chief Marketing Officer Job Description to Recruit Your Next Growth Leader

The sooner you find your next C-suite marketing officer, the sooner they can begin growing your customer base and increasing revenue. A job post on Monster can extend your reach and help you find the visionary you’re looking for to lead your marketing efforts.