Marine Biologist Job Description Template

This marine biologist job description sample provides the best framework for a job ad that will attract the most qualified candidates to your organization. You’ll get the most responses by retaining the structure and organization of this listing and updating it with the job duties and requirements specific to your position. And if you’d like even more ideas about crafting the best description, take a look at our marine biologist job listings.

Marine Biologist

[Intro Paragraph] Launch your job posting with two or three sentences introducing prospective biologists to your culture and working environment. Selling your organization or research facility to job seekers, letting them know what you bring to the table for new employees, and setting yourself apart from competing listings will attract the best applicants.

Marine Biologist Job Responsibilities:

  • Leads efforts in culturing and characterizing aquatic organisms.
  • Designs, develops, executes, and analyzes assays related to marine organism’s growth and behavior under various environmental conditions.
  • Contributes to the development of novel applications in support of government-funded efforts in the areas of microbiology, synthetic biology, and marine biology.
  • Effectively communicates research in team meetings, progress reports, peer-reviewed publications, and patents.
  • Quickly adapts to evolving research needs, rapidly acquire new scientific knowledge and stay informed on new technologies.
  • Works effectively as a member of an interdisciplinary team consisting of biologists, chemists, mathematicians, statisticians, and engineers.
  • Follows sound scientific practices and maintain effective documentation of activities and analyses.
  • Reads and understands relevant scientific literature.
  • Contributes to the preparation of articles on research outcomes and progress and to the submission of same for publication.
  • Participates in the editing and proofing of grant proposals, annual grant reports, and manuscripts for publication and recommends modifications.

[Work Hours & Benefits] This is a great spot to advise prospective marine biologists about working hours and benefits unique to your company. Job hunters want to learn things like team size and travel requirements as well as any perks and benefits that make your facility the best place to work, like tuition and continuing education credits, commuter benefits, and childcare reimbursements.

Marine Biologist Qualifications / Skills:

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills including a knowledge of statistical applications and techniques
  • Sound organizational and data management skills, and ability to handle several responsibilities and work under tight time constraints
  • Ability to work without direct supervision, paying close attention to detail and bearing independent responsibility for data accuracy
  • Proven experience in dealing with all levels of staff in responding to a wide range of inquiries
  • Team oriented with excellent written and verbal communication skills; ability to interact with people from diverse areas and disciplines

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree and 8 years of technical experience or Master’s and 6 years of technical experience
  • PhD. in Biology, or related discipline preferred
  • Experience in isolation and culturing of model and non-model microbial strains
  • Experience with marine organism developmental biology, including cloning, PCR, nucleic acid extraction and purification, genotyping
  • Genomics, metagenomics, or synthetic biology background a plus

[Call to Action] Now you need to get prospective biologists to apply for your open position. And you do that by teaching them how with a compelling call to action at the end of your job listing. Tell applicants whether you’d like them to email a resume and supporting documents to a specific HR person in your organization or submit an application via the “apply” button at the top of the job posting.

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