Restaurant General Manager Job Description Template

Restaurant general manager and kitchen manager discussing inventory, looking at a tablet computer.

The restaurant general manager ensures that all work objectives positively contribute to the restaurant. The manager creates targets and objectives to help the restaurant function smoothly and successfully. They ensure that guests can fully enjoy their visit to the restaurant and that employees are satisfied with their workload, responsibilities, and work culture.

Want to increase the chance of finding the perfect general manager for your restaurant? Copy this restaurant general manager job description template and add the specific work requirements, like hospitality and leadership, to create a professional and personalized job post. Check out these restaurant general manager job listings and see what other restaurants have included in their descriptions.

Restaurant general manager and kitchen manager discussing inventory, looking at a tablet computer.

Restaurant General Manager

[Intro Paragraph] It’s important to analyze the notable aspects and details that make your restaurant stand out at the beginning of your restaurant general manager job description. Include the type of food you serve at the restaurant, the capacity, and the number of cooking and serving staff. Interested job seekers need this information to decide whether this job is a good fit for them.

Restaurant General Manager Job Responsibilities: To ensure that guests are fully enjoying their visit to the restaurant, the restaurant manager directs and motivates the service staff to ensure that guests are having a great time. Including relatable job responsibilities in your restaurant general manager job description helps attract talented candidates. Some examples include:

  • Establishes restaurant business plans by surveying restaurant demand.
  • Meets restaurant financial objectives by developing finances.
  • Attracts patrons by developing and implementing marketing, advertising, and public and community programs.
  • Controls purchases and inventory by meeting with the account manager.
  • Maintains operations by preparing policies and standard operating procedures, aiming for consistent productivity and quality.
  • Maintains patron satisfaction by monitoring, evaluating, and auditing food and beverage service offerings.
  • Accomplishes restaurant and bar human resource objectives by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training.
  • Maintains a safe, secure, and healthy facility by establishing, following, and enforcing sanitation standards and procedures.
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by tracking emerging trends in the restaurant industry.
  • Accomplishes company goals by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests.

[Work Hours and Benefits] Provide more details on the work hours and benefits in the next part of your restaurant general manager job description. Since the work hours usually depend on the opening hours of the restaurant, and most dinner shifts end late at night, it is important to mention the expected work schedule of the new hire. Weekends and holidays are busy days for restaurants, so include the specific details on these special days as well.

Mentioning the benefits is equally important as mentioning the work schedule. You’ll want to assure job seekers that their hard work will pay off. Some examples of benefits include:

  • An extensive and well-rounded training program
  • Continued career development and growth opportunities
  • Discount dining
  • Management referral bonus program
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • PTO

Restaurant General Manager Qualifications and Skills

  • Strong knowledge of front and back of house operations including food, beverages, staff supervision, inventory, and food safety
  • Strong understanding of cost and labor systems that lead to restaurant profitability
  • Strong communication and leadership skills
  • Comfort working with budgets, payroll, revenue, and forecasting
  • Ability to lead big groups of people

Education and Experience Requirements

  • [Number] years’ experience as a restaurant general manager
  • Associates or bachelor’s degree in business management

[Call to Action] Ending your restaurant general manager job description with a strong call to action is the secret recipe to a successful job post. Before you turn interested readers into applicants, you need to provide them with an easy way to apply to your job post, like an email address, direct application link, or mailing address.

Is Your Restaurant General Manager Job Description Ready For The Next Step?

Working in a restaurant and ensuring that guests are happy and satisfied with their meal requires a high level of hospitality. You want to ensure that your next hire is up for the task. Monster can help you reach these qualified and talented candidates by offering a free job post to help you get started.