Kitchen Manager Job Description Template

This kitchen manager job description sample is the perfect template to create an application that will attract the most qualified candidates and convert them into applicants. For the best results, build on the structure and organization of this outline, adding the specific duties and requirements of your position. You can also peruse our kitchen manager job listings for more ideas about cooking up the best job posting.

Kitchen Manager

[Intro Paragraph] Beginning your job listing with 2 or 3 sentences that introduce the job seeker to your restaurant and unique working environment can truly set you apart from competing ads. The idea is to communicate what your business brings to the table and the opportunities you can provide new kitchen managers.

Kitchen Manager Job Responsibilities:

  • Assists the chef in the all food service operations and day-to-day operations of the kitchen.
  • Provides direction to kitchen staff, ensuring execution of all employee duties.
  • Monitors kitchen operations to ensure compliance with health and fire department regulations.
  • Ensures compliance with state, federal, and local food handling requirements and standards.
  • Assists in the implementation and management of kitchen and restaurant policies and procedures throughout scheduled shift.
  • Completes the duties of a line cook when needed, and is capable of performing the duties of all kitchen positions.
  • Ensures products are stored at the correct temperatures and the recipe books are up to date with current menu items, portions, and ingredients.
  • Ensures utilization of daily prep sheets and meat/fish yield sheets daily and that product counts are recorded accurately daily. Participates in monthly inventory process.
  • Anticipates, identifies, and corrects any issues with inventory, systems, and staffing.
  • Monitors labor costs to attain budgeted goals within restaurant policies and procedures.
  • Oversees and approves training and development of kitchen staff.
  • Participates in the hiring process by conducting interviews and making hiring recommendations.
  • Assists in completion of all back-of-house employee 30-day and annual reviews.

[Work Hours & Benefits] This is a great spot to talk about your eatery’s working hours and benefits. You can advise applicants about weekly or monthly menus and events, or travel requirements to any other locations. You can also sell future managers on the benefits — like 401k, healthcare, or paid family leave — that set your restaurant apart.

Kitchen Manager Qualifications/Skills:

  • Customer service
  • People management, fostering teamwork, and giving feedback
  • Planning and multi-tasking
  • Developing budgets
  • Self-motivated with a high energy level
  • Conflict resolution
  • Verbal communication

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • 5+ years of hospitality-related experience
  • 3+ years of kitchen manager or leadership experience
  • Current food handler’s card and other certification as required by federal/state/local law
  • Comfortable using a computer, navigating standard office and point-of-sale software

[Call to Action] Now’s the time to convert an interested party into a job applicant. The highest performing postings conclude with a well-crafted call to action, where job seekers are advised exactly how to apply. For instance, you might request that they submit an application in person, email their resume to someone at your eatery, or click the “apply” button at the top of the job listing.

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