Financial Accountant Job Description Template

Financial accountant reviewing budget data in office

Every company needs someone in charge of its financial reports and fiscal performance reviews. This is where the financial accountant steps in. By creating balance sheets and cash flow statements, the financial accountant presents all the financial insights on costs and revenue to its clients, shareholders, and taxing agencies.

Besides monitoring the financial aspect of the company, the financial accountant is also responsible for offering financial stability to organizations through teaching and offering advice on legal requirements and regulations.

As you look for your next hire, invest your time in writing a detailed and accurate financial accountant job description, one that has the ability to attract job seekers with the right skill set and work history. Unsure where to start? Check out these financial accountant job listings and see what your competitors are doing.

Financial accountant reviewing budget data in office

Financial Accountant

[Intro Paragraph] Introduce your company and the open position with a short introduction at the beginning of your financial accountant job description. Share some history, which organizations and charities the company supports, and talk about the work culture. Also mention why you’re looking to fill the position — maybe the team is expanding, or there’s a need to complete a particular project. Explaining why you have an open position starts to build a candidate’s trust in your company.

Financial Accountant Job Responsibilities: Including a detailed list of the job responsibilities will help attract more skilled candidates. Some examples include:

  • Prepares monthly statements by collecting data, analyzing, and investigating variances, and summarizing data and trends.
  • Prepares state quarterly and annual statements by assembling data.
  • Complies with state and federal tax filing requirements by studying regulations, adhering to requirements, and advising management on required actions.
  • Responds to financial inquiries by gathering, analyzing, summarizing, and interpreting data.
  • Provides financial advice by studying operational issues, applying financial principles, and practices.
  • Prepares special reports by studying variances, preparing budgets, and developing forecasts.
  • Accomplishes finance and organization mission by completing related results as needed.
  • Updates job knowledge by keeping current with financial regulations and accepted practices.

[Work Hours and Benefits] Including the working hours and benefits are an important part of your financial accountant job description. You want to ensure that candidates are aware and able to meet the expected workload. In general, the work hours of a financial accountant are fairly regular, so specify if this is not the case. Besides including the salary range, mentioning a fair benefits package will help attract quality candidates. Here you can talk about the number of vacation days, insurance coverage, or a pet-friendly office policy.

Financial Accountant Qualifications and Skills

  • Excellent math skills
  • Experienced in bookkeeping
  • Superior attention to detail
  • Ability to work under high time pressure
  • Experienced in MS Office
  • Ability to handle and protect confidential documents

Education and Experience Requirements

  • A bachelor’s or associate degree in accounting or a related field
  • A master’s in business administration or related field
  • [Number] years’ experience with financial accounting and bookkeeping
  • CPA certification is a plus

[Call to Action] To increase the number of applicants to your financial accountant job description you should include a clear call to action. For example, you could share the link to your company’s hiring portal or share the email address of the hiring manager directly. Another way to increase the number of applicants is by sharing your job application on your social channels.

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