Laborer Job Description Template

This laborer job description sample can provide a template for a posting that will attract the most reliable candidates. Simply maintain the structure and organization of this outline, then customize it with the specific job requirements and duties of your open position. Then go and check out more ideas for crafting your description by browsing Monster’s laborer job listings.


[Intro paragraph] The best general labor job listings use 2-3 introductory sentences to tell prospective employees about your business, highlighting your unique company culture and working environment. This is your opportunity to set your company apart from competing job listings and sell yourself to job seekers.

Laborer Job Responsibilities:

  • Performs various physical duties as assigned.
  • Maintain all safety standards.
  • Moves, secures, installs, builds, loads, or unloads materials.
  • Performs some specialized tasks which may require on-the job training.
  • Effectively using heavy and light equipment, depending on the jobsite/assignment.
  • Moves items from place to place, according to direction from the site supervisor.
  • Moving tools, equipment, or other material as directed in plans or by supervisor.

[Work Hours & Benefits] Here is a great spot to include details on working hours and benefits, and another chance to sell potential applicants on things like overtime or seasonal availability. Benefits that can set your company apart, like promotion opportunities, paid sick time, or health insurance coverage can go right here.

Laborer Qualifications/Skills:

  • Ability to read labels, safety warnings, and guidelines
  • Attentive to detail and alert at all times to ensure safety
  • Able to receive and follow instructions and communicate with co-workers

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • High school diploma is an asset
  • Ability to safely operate various vehicles and equipment
  • Previous experience, especially in particular industry, preferred

[Call to Action] Now that job hunters are familiar with your company and the job requirements, you need a compelling call to action so prospective laborers know exactly how to apply. Let them know how and where to submit an application or resume, or who to contact at your company to apply.

Finished the Perfect Laborer Job Description?

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