Purchasing Agent Job Description Template

A purchasing agent works with her colleague.

The purchasing agent is responsible for ordering products, services, and raw materials for the company or organization. They often work for manufacturers, retail chains, or wholesale companies. Purchasing is an important part of business operations, which is why you will find purchasing agents in almost all industry sectors.

Finding the right candidate to fill your open position can be a challenge. Adding the specific job responsibilities and requirements to this purchasing agent job description template can help you save time. Interested in seeing some examples? Check out these purchasing agent job description listings to get some inspiration.

A purchasing agent works with her colleague.

Purchasing Agent

[Intro Paragraph] The goal of your purchasing agent job description is to build curiosity and excitement among readers. Start by including information about your company that would appeal to interested candidates. Introduce clients you worked with and impressive projects the company has worked on, and be open about the morals and values of your business. The introduction is your first impression, so you’ll want to keep it interesting and encourage candidates to read and, ultimately, apply.

Purchasing Agent Job Responsibilities:

The next part of your purchasing agent job description should go deeper into the job responsibilities of the open position. Since the purchasing agent’s responsibilities are hugely dependent on the type of business they work for, it’s important to be clear and specific about what their day-to-day duties will entail. Some examples:

  • Verifies purchase requisitions by comparing items requested to the master list and recommends alternatives.
  • Provides purchasing planning and control information by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data and trends.
  • Forwards available inventory items by verifying stock and delivering schedules.
  • Prepares purchase orders by verifying specifications and price, while obtaining recommendations from suppliers.
  • Secures approval from requisitioning department.
  • Manages purchases by forwarding orders to suppliers and monitoring and expediting orders.
  • Verifies receipt of items by comparing items received to items ordered; resolves shipment errors with suppliers.
  • Authorizes payment for purchases by forwarding receiving documentation.
  • Keeps information accessible by sorting and filing documents.
  • Updates knowledge by participating in educational opportunities.
  • Accomplishes purchasing and organization mission by completing related results as needed.

[Work Hours and Benefits] The next paragraph of your purchasing agent job description should go deeper into the expected work hours. Mention whether this is a full-time or part-time position and if overtime is expected. The purchasing agent usually works in-office and does a lot of client visitations, so you’ll want to mention whether this is also the case for your open position.

Besides the work hours, your job post should also include the benefits. Mention the exciting work environment, competitive salaries, 401(K), and generous health benefits. Be sure to mention whether the individuals will be paid on commission, which is often the case for purchasing agents.

Purchasing Agent Qualifications and Skills

  • Great organizational skills
  • Excellent negotiator
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Great time management
  • Ability to work under pressure

Education and Experience Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in supply management, finance, or business
  • [Number] years’ experience working as a purchasing agent
  • CPP certificate or equivalent

[Call to Action] A successful purchasing agent job description should end with a compelling call to action. Your goal is to make it convenient for interested candidates to submit their application. Provide a direct link to the application page, leave the email address or phone number of the hiring manager, and provide the company’s social media address so candidates can choose to follow and stay in touch with the company.

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