Small Business Hiring Guide

Running a small business can be both exhilarating and terrifying. The independence of it means you make more of your own decisions, but it also means the buck stops with you. It’s an awesome responsibility. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone because Monster is here to help.

One of the biggest challenges for a small business owner is finding and hiring new staff. It’s often time-consuming, costly, and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be. Monster offers a comprehensive range of recruiting and hiring resources for small businesses, with articles on topics like recruiting candidates, conducting interviews, and following up with your applicants.

To learn more about small business hiring, check out the articles below and refuse to reinvent the wheel.

Who are you looking for?

Your first order of business is assessing your needs and company culture. What kinds of skills does your ideal candidate possess? What type of personality would fit best with your company culture?

Best practices for hiring great people — You can’t win a game without the right players. Follow these 10 tips to recruit winners for your team.

Ten tips to hire the right candidate — A new economy requires new skills. That means asking the right questions to hire the right candidate.

Should you hire overqualified candidates? — An overqualified job candidate can be the right fit for your company — if they share like-minded passions and goals.

Where should you look?

Next, you’ll need to know where you should be searching. As a small business, you probably don’t have the time and resources to explore every possible avenue in search of your next great hire. These articles can help you focus your efforts.

Recruiting strategies: recruit large company employees — Candidates with large company experience can boost your small business to the next level.

Hiring family and friends — Should you be hiring family, friends, or even customers? Yes, but do it right.

Social networking: the art of social media recruiting — The Internet is awash with information about job candidates. Be sure you’re aware of how to use it properly.

Interview techniques

Finding candidates is just the start. You’ll then need to assess whether a given applicant has the skills and personality necessary to succeed at your company. The following articles provide some interviewing guidance to help you.

Keep the interview legal — Structure your questions to comply with fair hiring laws.

Conducting an interview: candidate interviews that get results — Conducting an interview successfully depends on knowing how seekers prepare for it.

Innovative interview techniques for employers — These savvy techniques are enabling some small companies to find the right candidate.

Improving interview skills: learn from the experts — Are you a good interviewer? Interview experts Frances Haynes and Daniel Porot share their insights.

How to dig beneath the surface in your candidate interviews — Is your interview style providing a clear sense of the candidate’s qualifications? If not, try this easy technique.

Crafting the right interpersonal skills interview questions — A candidate may have the skills to do the job, but what about their ability to play well with others? Learn how to assess it.

The post-interview follow up

You’re not done once the interview is over. You still need to confirm a candidate’s information, talk to references, and negotiate salary and benefits. See the articles below for guidance on following-up with candidates.

Always run a reference check before offering the job, and other reference tips — Previous supervisors can provide valuable insight.

How to make a job offer in three easy steps — If you want the best candidate, it’s crucial to close the deal quickly, particularly for small business. These tips can help.

How to determine a job’s market value — What’s the best way to determine an appropriate level of compensation? While salary surveys can be helpful, a job’s value counts too.

Small business challenges and advantages

The goal of recruiting is attracting qualified candidates. Learn more about how to make the most of your small business recruiting efforts with the resources below.

Make your small company culture a standout to job candidates — If you think it’s impossible for your small company to attract top candidates, think again. These pointers will help.

Managing your small business

Monster also has resources for you even if you’re not hiring. Our small business hiring content has information on managing your small business workforce, complying with small business laws and regulations, and much more.

Need more resources for your small business? Monster has a lot more to offer

The above resources are just a fraction of what’s available at Monster to help you with small business hiring and business management in general. Sign up for Monster Hiring Solutions today to get more recruiting and hiring tips, and even some great deals. Let the experts help your small business thrive.