Introducing Monster’s Economist Board

We’ve expanded Monster’s Economist Board, an expert panel of economists who offer their insights on economic topics and workplace trends.

This year we’ve expanded our roster of spokespeople with Monster’s Economist Board, an expert panel of economists who will offer their insights on different economic topics and workplace trends.

Each of our economists has a unique set of strengths that we will leverage for expert commentary on:

  • The Bureau of Labor & Statistics Reports
  • Current Economic Conditions
  • Monster-Created Worker Insights and Reports
  • Workplace Trends

Meet Dr. Giacomo Santangelo

Dr. Santangelo is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics as well as the Director of the International Political Economy Program at Fordham University and a term professor at the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University. He is an economist with training in quantitative and qualitative research and analysis with more than 20 years of teaching experience at various Universities in the New York City area. Giacomo is also the author of, Macroeconomics: Big Things Have Small Beginnings.

What do you enjoy most about being a Monster economist/a member of Monster’s Economist Board?

Working with Monster affords me additional opportunities to inform our clients and help them manage their expectations about current labor market trends. A more educated job seeker (and employer) is a person better equipped to navigate the labor market.

What do you consider to be the top workplace economic trend for both workers and employers to be on the lookout for this year?

The labor market is in a transitional state. There is no “one” trend coming in the labor market. Any market is about “people.” When we discuss the labor market, we are discussing job seekers and employers. Since coming out of the Covid-year (2020), everyone is tackling issues of “remote” vs. “in-person” employment; questions of what impact AI will have on specific industries; as well as how best to navigate the current inflationary economy and prepare for the next recession.

A top economic concern among many workers is the rising cost of living, should workers expect relief from this issue anytime soon?

Inflation is tricky. Workers experience inflation as an increase in their cost of living that has been outpacing increases in their pay. Many consumers have dealt with this by charging more things on credit (or increased borrowing.) To combat inflation, the Federal Reserve has to raise interest rates (which they have been doing for the last year.) The problem this war on inflation causes, though, is it makes it more difficult for consumers to borrow and pressures employers to cut costs (which in many cases, as we have seen, means layoffs.) One must also recognize that different people are experiencing inflation differently. Given the high demand for labor in certain industries, wage growth may be outpacing inflation for some workers, while many others are experiencing the opposite.

Meet Dr. Jadrian Wooten

Dr. Wooten is an award-winning educator and researcher who currently serves as a Collegiate Associate Professor of Economics at Virginia Tech. He writes a weekly newsletter, the Monday Morning Economist, that shares insights on current economic events and trends in a way that’s accessible to everyone — from seasoned economists to everyday readers.

What are you most looking forward to discussing as a member of our economist board?

I’m really excited about diving into the nitty-gritty of the job market and helping explain economic data in more detail. The job scene is always changing, influenced by all sorts of things like new technology, globalization, shifting demographics, and government policies. I look forward to chatting about how these trends affect people looking for jobs and companies trying to hire and coming up with ways for both to be successful. Additionally, I am eager to discuss up-and-coming industries, in-demand skills, and what the future of work might look like. My goal is to give job seekers and employers some valuable insights so they can tackle the job market with confidence.

What can Monster job seekers and employers expect to learn from you this year?

My goal is to explain complicated labor market issues in a way that is easier to understand and will result in actionable insights throughout the year. I will be sharing valuable information on labor market trends, what to expect in the future, and which skills are popular in different industries. Expect data-driven analysis and practical tips to enhance your understanding of the labor market and make the most of the job hunt or hiring process.

Tell us a top economic concern that job seekers should be aware of as they navigate their job search?

One of the big things job seekers need to watch out for is how technology is changing the job market. As technology keeps advancing and industries keep evolving, some jobs disappear while new ones pop up with different skill expectations. So, job seekers need to keep their skills up to date, even if they don’t think the latest trend will affect their next job. It’s crucial to stay ahead by figuring out what skills are in high demand in the industry they want to work in and finding ways to learn or improve those skills. That way, they can set themselves up for success in fields that have lots of potential for growth.

Thank you to Giacomo Santangelo and Jadrian Wooten for taking the time to share more about yourselves and your roles on our Economist Board. Continue following us here to learn additional economic insights from our team and visit our Monster Intelligence hub for our latest poll data and details on the latest hiring trends.