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Three Simple Steps to Improve your Job Description Results

Three Simple Steps to Improve your Job Description Results

By: Monster Customer Service 

Customers often ask how they can improve their job description results.

We recommend a simple three-step process that will help your Monster job posting be seen in job search results by relevant job seekers. Here’s how it works:

1) Do a job search. Go to Monster.com and search for your job using a job title that candidates who are in your industry would use. For instance, if your job title is “Customer Appreciation Specialist,” but seekers are likely to search on “Customer Service,” search on that term.

Note: Even if you haven’t posted your job yet, this is a helpful step to see the terms that are showing up in Monster search.

2) Compare the search results with your job title and job description. Do they match? Does the title you searched for match your job title? Be sure to optimize the job title and avoid terms that are indecipherable to candidates. 

Then check the phrases and keywords within the job descriptions listed. Make sure they align with keywords and phrases in your job description.

Finally, search for your job description by location. If your listing doesn’t show up in your search, it’s likely that you listed your job in another location.

3) Make a note of the needed changes. Then log in to your Monster account to make your updates. Remember that job seekers do not search using internal phrases or jargon. By using more common terms, you will successfully sync your job title and description with how real-life seekers are actually looking for your type of position.

If you find that your job description needs a lot of adjustments, don’t feel bad. The truth is that many people skip this process altogether.

By taking a few minutes to complete these steps, you can maximize your job posting for real life search practices and gain additional job seeker exposure.

More importantly, after syncing your job posting details with real life search practices, your next step will likely be to research interview questions to ask all the candidates that apply to your job!

All the best with your recruiting and hiring!