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How to Source and Interview Web Developers

How to Source and Interview Web Developers

Are you looking to hire a web developer? The recruiter tips below can enable you to successfully source and interview top web developers who can help you grow your business success.

Top Techniques for Sourcing Web Developers:

  • Top candidates can best be sourced where they congregate
  • The best forums are specialty sites for developers and face-to-face meetups

Recruiter Tips:

“What works best — and requires the most time — is going to meetups,” says Nelly Yusupova, CTO of Webgrrls International in New York City.  “The goal is to meet the right people, build relationships, and become part of the community.”

“If new graduates can demonstrate their ability, they graduates can be good hires — especially if you have someone in place to mentor them,” Yusupova says. “The mentor doesn’t need great technical depth.”

“The biggest differentiator for us is our localized and specialized approach,” says Henry Boulos, a vice president for staffing firm Talener in New York City. “For each of our metro areas, we search within the market, which helps us build a strong network and referral base. Our recruiters for web development don’t handle anything else, so their technical knowledge is really strong.”

How to Interview Web Developers:

  • Candidates should be tested on their problem-solving ability and knowledge of which technologies to apply to a given challenge
  • Interpersonal skills and the candidate’s matching the company and/or IT department are best assessed in the interview process

Recruiter Tips:

“The interview is really about sitting down and asking the candidate detailed questions about specific projects they’ve worked on,” says Boulos. “Which technologies the individual candidate used for what purposes, and so on. We also consider how much traffic their website gets, and who uses it.”

“Ultimately you may have to hire a consultant to do the technical screening, to check candidates’ skill levels,” says Yusupova.

How to Close the Deal on Hiring Web Developers:

  • Highly-talented web developers often care the most about the projects they work on, rather than earning top dollar or opportunities to quickly move up in the organization
  • Employers can often gain a lot of goodwill — and work product — from candidates and employees by offering them workplace flexibility

Recruiter Tip:

 “Everyone is different,” says Yusupova. “That’s why it’s important — throughout the interview process — to uncover what motivates each developer, to show them that you’re listening and to respond to those individual motivations.”