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Data Scientist Job Description Sample

This data scientist job description sample is the perfect template for creating a posting that will attract the best, most qualified candidates. Just maintain the structure and organization of this outline and build in the specific duties and requirements of your position, and you’ll quickly turn those candidates into applicants. You can also check out our data scientist job listings for more ideas on filling out your description.

Data Scientist

[Intro Paragraph] The most effective data scientist job descriptions begin with a few sentences introducing prospective applicants to your company, corporate culture, and working environment. This is your chance to set your posting apart from the rest by catering your recruiting pitch to the ideal candidate and letting them know what you have to offer new hires.

Data Scientist Job Responsibilities:

  • Formulates and leads guided, multifaceted analytic studies against large volumes of data.
  • Interprets and analyzes data using exploratory mathematic and statistical techniques based on the scientific method.
  • Coordinates research and analytic activities utilizing various data points (unstructured and structured) and employ programming to clean, massage, and organize the data.
  • Experiments against data points, provide information based on experiment results and provide previously undiscovered solutions to command data challenges.
  • Leads all data experiments tasked by the Data Science Team.
  • Coordinates with Data Engineers to build data environments providing data identified by Data Analysts, Data Integrators, Knowledge Managers, and Intel Analysts.
  • Develops methodology and processes for prioritization and scheduling of projects.
  • Analyzes problems and determines root causes.
  • Defines company data assets (data models), spark, sparkSQL, and hiveSQL jobs to populate data models.
  • Works closely with all business units and engineering teams to develop strategy for long term data platform architecture.

[Work Hours & Benefits] This is an excellent place to include details about your working hours and benefits. Inform prospective data scientists about the availability of flexible hours, work from home options, or other telecommuting opportunities. Don’t forget to also highlight unique office perks and benefits you offer, like conference sponsorships, continuing education credits, or paid time off.

Data Scientist Qualifications / Skills:

  • Advanced analytical knowledge of data
  • Conducting big data analysis
  • Data conditioning
  • Programming advanced computing
  • Developing algorithms
  • Developing software and data models
  • Executing predictive analytics

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Computer Science, or related fields
  • 5-7 years of professional experience
  • Proficient with one or more programming languages (Java, C++, Python, R, etc.)
  • Demonstrated experience applying data science methods to real-world data problems
  • Experience utilizing visualization tools to take advantage of the growing volume of available information

[Call to Action] Attracting some attention to your job description is one thing, but getting the applications in your inbox is another. That’s why you need to include a compelling call to action right here that lets data scientists know exactly how to apply and encourages them to do so. Advise job seekers to contact your HR department directly or to click the “apply” button at the top of this listing.


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