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Assistant Controller Job Description Sample

An assistant controller is vital to an organization’s financial health. Use this assistant controller job description sample to help you assemble an effective job posting and find qualified candidates. Feel free to modify the details to include the exact job duties and requirements you need. Browse our existing assistant controller job listings to get more ideas for what you could include in your description.

Assistant Controller

[Intro Paragraph] The introductory paragraph is a great place to highlight your company’s best qualities. Take a few sentences to describe the company and what your working environment is like. Explain to your ideal assistant controller candidate what sets your company apart from the competition.

Assistant Controller Job Responsibilities:

  • Prepares financial statements to summarize and forecast the company’s financial status.
  • Produces and manages balance sheets and analyze future earnings and expenses.
  • Assists with management of accounting, auditing and budgeting within the organization.
  • Assists with preparations for audits.
  • Works to reconcile accounting inaccuracies or imbalances.
  • Ensures compliance with and prepare reports according to applicable government regulations.
  • Uses accounting software to maintain records and prepare reports.
  • Delegates accounting tasks to junior accounting staff.
  • Coordinates with and prepares reports for CFO and upper management.
  • Contributes to team efforts by accomplishing related tasks as needed.

[Work Hours & Benefits] Next, tell candidates about your working hours and benefits. Let prospective assistant controllers know what your typical work hours are like and if you offer flexible scheduling. Include particularly attractive benefits like employee development programs, paid parental leave and the ability to work from home.

Assistant Controller Qualifications/Skills:

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Highly skilled in math, accounting and financial processes
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Detail oriented and highly organized
  • Skilled in time management and the ability to prioritize tasks
  • Excellent critical thinking skills
  • Solid understanding of GAAP and applicable regulations

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or related field (master’s preferred)
  • At least 3 years’ experience in accounting
  • CPA or CMA preferred

[Call to Action] An effective job description requires a call to action where you encourage candidates to apply for the position and explain the process for doing so. For example, you could ask prospective assistant controllers to email their completed applications to your HR department or instruct them to click on the “apply” button at the top of the posting.


Ready to Post Your Assistant Controller Job Description?

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