Warehouse Manager Job Description Template

Two warehouse managers, in hard hats and wearing ties, discussing strategy.

Getting products to customers or supply chain partners on time is paramount to the success of your business, which is why you need to hire the right person to manage your warehouse. Find the right warehouse manager by writing an engaging and targeted job description.

This warehouse manager job description sample can help you create a job listing that will attract the best candidates for the job opening. Feel free to revise, add to, and subtract from this template to create a job description that is perfect for your needs. To get more ideas, browse Monster’s warehouse job listings.

Two warehouse managers, in hard hats and wearing ties, discussing strategy.

Warehouse Manager

[Intro Paragraph] Start your warehouse manager job description with a marketing summary. Hook prospective candidates with information that will set your company apart from competitors. For instance, mention the type of raw materials or manufactured goods that are stored at your warehouse.

Warehouse Manager Job Responsibilities: Besides supervising staff, the warehouse manager is responsible for several material and equipment-related distribution procedures. Ensure to include all job responsibilities in your warehouse manager job description. For example:

  • Maintains receiving, warehousing, and distribution operations by initiating, coordinating, and enforcing programs.
  • Complies with federal, state, and local warehousing, material handling, and shipping requirements by studying existing and new legislation.
  • Safeguards warehouse operations and contents by establishing and monitoring security procedures and protocols.
  • Controls inventory levels by conducting physical counts and reconciles with data storage systems.
  • Maintains the physical condition of the warehouse by planning and implementing new design layouts.
  • Achieves financial objectives by preparing an annual budget, scheduling expenditures, and analyzing variances.
  • Completes warehouse operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees.
  • Maintains warehouse staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.
  • Improves staff performance by coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees.

[Work Hours and Benefits] Include information about the work hours and benefits to keep the job seeker engaged as they read your warehouse manager job description. Mention details about working conditions, schedules, and requirements. This can vary according to the type of warehouse operations. Mention any special benefits and perks that are provided by the company, such as a flexible schedule, health insurance, PTO, and mental health days.

Warehouse Manager Qualifications and Skills

  • Ability to effectively prioritize and delegate work
  • Proficient with computers
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Understanding of safety rules
  • Knowledge of general software and applications

Education and Experience Requirements

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • State driver’s license with satisfactory DMV driving record
  • Minimum of [number] years as a warehouse manager
  • Experience operating a forklift

[Call to Action] Include a call to action at the end of your warehouse manager job description. Provide job seekers with clear and direct advice on how they can apply to increase the number of responses. Provide prospective candidates with a hiring link at the top of your job listing or show them how they can apply on the company’s website.

Finding Your Next Warehouse Manager

Follow this template to help you find the ideal warehouse manager with strong leadership skills and the right distribution background. Monster can put your warehouse manager job description in front of the right people by offering a free job post on our job board.