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Seasonal Hiring Guide

Seasonal Hiring Guide

Seasonal hiring presents recruiters and employers with a significant job recruitment challenge. Hiring decisions must be executed quickly, requiring a well-coordinated hiring process

Hiring for seasonal jobs also requires that a well-constructed recruitment strategy be in place, interviewing best practices be followed and that your new hire orientation be ready to implement. 

These articles, reports and sample job descriptions will help you create a seamless seasonal hiring process.

Summer Hiring:

Cultivate Employee Engagement All Summer Long
These techniques can help drive employee engagement. 

From Flip-Flops to Tank Tops: Fashioning a Summer Dress Code Policy
Appearances count. Cover yourself with an employee dress code policy.

Seasonal Hiring: How to Hire Great Summer Employees
These summer hiring tips will help you assemble a team that can hit the ground running.

Summer Hires: How your Small Business Can Compete for College Hires
Look to recruit college students where your small company can be a big fish in a smaller pond.

Holiday Seasonal Hiring Tips and Trends:

Tap Local Talent for Seasonal Hiring
Take a more focused approach to hire locally.

Make Seasonal Hiring Easier and More Efficient
Improve your seasonal recruiting practices and management style.  

Make the Most of Every New Hire for Holiday Jobs
Shop early and look for self-starters.

Hiring Hourly Workers:

Recruiting Ideas: How to Find Good Hourly Employees
Learn how your business can attract and recruit quality skilled and hourly workers.

Popular Seasonal Job Description Samples
These popular sample job descriptions and sample interview questions can help you when writing a job description:

Retail Jobs:

Retail Salesperson Job Description Sample

Retail Salesperson Sample Interview Questions

Retail Store Manager Job Description Sample

Sales Assistant Job Description Sample

Warehouse Jobs:

Warehouse Supervisor Job Description

Warehouse Operations Manager Job Description

Warehouse Manager Job Description Sample

Customer Service Jobs:

Customer Service Associate Job Description Sample

Customer Service Representative Sample Interview Questions