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Six Recommendations for How to Hire a Veteran

Six Recommendations for How to Hire a Veteran

Veterans transitioning out of the military face challenging hiring conditions. Both veterans and employers need to be aware of the benefits of the veteran population.

Employers should keep in mind the recommendations in the Veteran Talent Index: May 2012 as they prepare their recruiting strategy and search for qualified hires.

1.Understand Basic Military Culture “A basic knowledge of the values, structure, policies and expectations of the military promotes a stronger working relationship amongst employers & employees who are veterans or family members of veterans.”

2.Use Military Language in Job Descriptions  This is important if the job is specifically relevant to a candidate with a military background.

3. Make Your Job Description Specific — This will allow the veteran to understand how their skills and experience are applicable and transferable.

4. Ask The Right Interview Questions to Veterans — Ask about military and civilian training as well as their experience and why they are qualified to do the job. Avoid asking directly about the type of discharge they received, whether they will be called up for duty or about specific deployments (which could be construed as trying to determine if the veteran has any type of medical affliction – e.g., Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, etc.)

5. Leverage O’NET’s Military-Civilian Crosswalk – Use this tool to find Military Occupational Classification Codes for the job you are looking to fill; consider using these codes in your job description to help veterans understand the available job.

6. Hire Veterans for the Right Reasons Don’t hire a veteran because it is patriotic or for the tax break. They should be the right candidate for the job.

Monster will continue to monitor veterans’ job search conditions as well as the success and challenges employers face in recruiting them.

Monster’s Career Confidence Index, Job Search Activity Index, and Employer Veteran Hiring Index will provide an ongoing and quantified metric to gauge these populations in the years to come.

Read the entire report: Veterans Talent Index: May 2012 

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