Veteran Hiring: 5 Ways to Expand Your Talent Pool


According to Monster’s Future of Work Survey, 55% of recruiters say that finding candidates with the skills they need is the biggest challenge they’ll face in the next three years, with 34% feel that the skills gap is greater than a year ago. The pandemic may also end up permanently paring back the size of the U.S. labor force. Yet, a talent pipeline continues to provide highly skilled workers at a rate of 156,000 per year: transitioning military. According to Monster research, veterans are interested in pursuing jobs in fields ranging from defense technologies to healthcare to government and offer a set of high-demand skills like teamwork, commitment, and motivation.

In this downloadable guide, you’ll learn how leaders at the top veteran employers have developed strategies to attract, onboard, and retain veteran and military family candidates, and how you can apply the same approach to your recruitment plans, regardless of the size of your firm.

Why Hire Veterans?

In addition to gaining talent that possesses a high skill level, hiring veterans offers the following benefits, regardless of how large or small your organization is. 

Veterans Contribute to a Diverse Workforce

One in four military respondents said that showing diversity in leadership is a top motivator for wanting to work at a particular company. By nature of the diversity of the military, veteran hires will naturally contribute to your diversity initiatives and help to create an inclusive company culture.

You’re Making a Difference

Transitioning from military to civilian work life can be a big change. Making an effort to include this population as part of your workforce can add tremendous value to your company, and to that employee, whether they stay for a year or stay forever.

Veterans Are Natural Leaders

Sixty-three percent of veterans believe they have leadership skills that you may not find in the civilian population, according to Monster research. 

Ready to Attract America’s Veterans?

The best practices and tips in our guide will help you put your best foot forward to attract and keep this skilled talent. Download our guide, “Veteran Hiring: 5 Ways to Expand Your Talent Pool”, for more information on developing a veteran-hiring strategy. 

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