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Health Care Recruitment and Hiring Guide

Health Care Recruitment and Hiring Guide

Health care recruitment and health care hiring is undergoing significant changes. Nursing hiring is just one example: while recruiting has slowed down of late, many experts anticipate a turn around in the nursing shortage. As the economy improves, it's likely that health care employee retention will become an important priority for many. At the same time, Federally-mandated health care reform will challenge health care employers while helping to drive health care workforce planning in a number of key areas, including primary care.

Stay on top of health care reform, health care workforce planning, nursing recruitment and more with this health care staffing guide.    

Health Care Recruitment and Hiring  

Holistic Thinking: A Prescription for Health Care Recruiting
How can you recruit people who will add holistic value?

2011 Health Care Hiring Trends: Home Health Care Hiring and More
The trend in health care recruiting will continue to see a shift toward more primary care.

Retain your Health Care Specialists in a Changing Economy
As the economy improves, some health care workers are likely to move on. Here's how to retain hard-to-find health care specialists. 

2010 Health Care Hiring. What’s the Prognosis?
What are health care employers doing to retain workers? What are the challenges? We look at what’s next for health care.

2010 Health Care Recruitment Overview
After a tough year for health care recruitment, industry experts weigh in on what they feel the road ahead looks like for our industry.

How to Hire Office Staff for a Medical or Dental Practice
Why risk your medical practice by hiring office employees that are incompetent? Learn how to hire a great office staff. 

Nursing Hiring and Recruitment

Engage New Nursing Graduates for Future Hiring Needs
Read about new strategies that health care providers are using to retain nursing graduates. 

Health Care Recruitment: Preparing for another Nursing Shortage
Nursing recruitment has seen a slowdown of late. But many anticipate a turnaround in the near future.

Health Care Employee Management  

Medical Staffing: Leverage your Workforce to Improve Patient Safety
Learn how hospitals and other health care providers are utilizing employee engagement to reduce medical errors.

Create a Great Work Environment in a Recession: Health Care
The recession has taken a toll, but these four health care companies haved managed to remain great places to work.

Health Care Reform 

Health Care Staffing: How Health Care Reform Will Likely Impact Hiring
How will health care staffing likely be impacted by health care reform?

How Health Care Reform Will Impact Health Care Workforce Planning
Health care workforce planning will face new challenges as health care reform unfolds.

The Health Care Reform Bill Becomes Law: What It Means for Employers
Companies of all sizes will be affected by health care reform. Learn how it may impact your business.