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How to Interview Physical Therapists

How to Interview Physical Therapists

By: John Rossheim

What to Cover in Physical Therapist Interviews:

  • Given the competition for top PTs, be prepared to sell the candidate
  • Discuss the realities of the job; this will improve employee retention

Recruiter Tip:“In the interview, my focus is on attitude and geography,” says Andy McCall, manager and team leader for physical therapist recruiting at McCall and Lee in Frisco, Texas. "Many guys want to live in LA or San Diego and work with athletes. But the reality is, where do Mom and Dad live, where do you want to raise your kids?”

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How to Close the Deal When Hiring Physical Therapists:

  • Compensation is king when candidates compare job offers
  • Employers who want their choice of PTs will pay something of a premium.

Recruiter Tips: "Money talks – it’s most often the incentive for students to take one job versus another,” says Stan Dacko, chair of the physical therapy department at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA.

Still, the quality of the work experience is very important to many physical therapists.“What drew me in was Athletico’s focus on helping patients achieve their desired outcomes, teamwork and advancing the career and educational goals of their employees,” says Kristen Peterson, physical therapist of Chicago.

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