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Monthly Jobs Report: Monster’s Hiring Snapshot

Monthly Jobs Report: Monster’s Hiring Snapshot

Summer is in full swing, and so is hiring on the jobs front as employers work to keep up with the rapidly recovering economy. As consumer demand rises, more and more employers are looking for right-fit candidates—a trend we’re continuing to see heading into July with new job postings up 27% on Monster.

But don’t just take our word for it. In July, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported yet another round of solid job gains as the labor market continues to heat up. According to the BLS monthly jobs report, 850,000 payrolls were added to the economy last month, beating out economists’ predictions that hovered around 706,000.

If one thing’s for certain, it’s that all of these job numbers are finally giving people something to feel good about. As consumer confidence surged in June to its highest point since the pandemic’s onset last year, we saw even more people—an 18% monthly increase—looking for jobs on Monster.

In a recent Monster poll, a shocking 95% of workers are currently considering changing jobs, with 92% willing to switch industries to land the new position. That’s good news for companies hiring – especially ones that are aggressively marketing their open roles with great employer branding, strong job descriptions and impactful recruitment strategies.

Here are the industries having the biggest impacts right now.

The Labor Market Smells Like Teen Spirit

After collapsing last spring, the economy has rebounded faster than you can say, “Would you like fries with that?” Consumers are spending more money going out to eat—spending 5 to 16% more at restaurants over the past month—and on goods, up 20% since the onset of the pandemic last year. With all this pent-up demand, it’s no wonder that restaurants, shops, and even amusement parks have been finding themselves overwhelmed by a lack of help as the labor shortage becomes a real issue.

Fortunately, it appears that summer has brought some relief: teenagers. They’re young, they’re hungry, and they’re ready to work in jobs that older workers can’t or won’t. In fact, the number of Americans ages 16 to 19 with jobs is higher than it’s been in years, with 31.9% of teens employed in June, per the BLS.

Not to mention, some of the top keywords being searched by candidates on Monster are for classic summer jobs like server, cashier, and babysitter. We’ll want to keep a close eye on these younger workers to see how some of these industries are impacted once schools resume in the fall.

School Bells Ringing Again For Teaching Jobs

With a new school year about to unfold in a couple of months, schools are already prepping for the great return to in-person learning. And they’ll need a full staff of teachers, teaching assistants, training and library workers, and tutors to ensure a smooth transition back.

At every level—from preschool to postsecondary to special education—we’re seeing job numbers in the education sector increase on Monster. Not to mention, the BLS monthly jobs report showed that 269,000 payrolls were added in local, state, and private education last month, following a 144,000 gain in May.

Educators, too, seem eager to get back in front of a chalkboard and a room full of young minds. Our records show that teacher, instructional designer, and tutor are some of the top education positions being searched by candidates on Monster.

Last Call For Jobs In Bars And Restaurants

Restaurants have long wait times, yet tables remain empty. It’s last call at the bar, but the night has just begun. It’s no secret that restaurants and bars have been struggling to return to full capacity despite restrictions lifting and high consumer demand.

This becomes even more apparent on Monster, with the number of new food service jobs posted increasing by 21% over the past month for virtually every position imaginable. From hosts and hostesses to waiters and waitresses to chefs and head cooks to even the person scrubbing dishes in the back, the list goes on when it comes to the jobs that are in demand at restaurants and bars right now.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Slow and steady, the BLS and Monster job numbers have consistently shown solid traction when it comes to finding candidates in this sector over the past couple months, and last month was no different. In June, the BLS monthly jobs report showed hearty gains of 194,000 jobs in bars and restaurants. Meanwhile, heading into July, our data shows candidates continuing to search for server, bartender, cook, and restaurant manager jobs on Monster.

Retailers Shopping For Quality Candidates

Between COVID-19 lockdowns and the rise of ecommerce, the retail industry has had it rough over the past year. But as the pandemic winds down and the summer weather brings people out of their homes, consumers are increasingly trading virtual shopping carts for the real thing in stores. This has brought back the need for people to fold clothes, stock shelves, and check out customers. Over the past month, Monster job numbers show that new retail job postings have increased by 18%, while the BLS reported gains of 67,000 jobs in the sector.

Although employment in retail is still down by 303,000, or 1.9% since February 2020, Monster data also shows that there are still plenty of quality candidates looking for retail jobs. “Sales,” “retail,” “cashier,” and “sales manager” are just some of the top keywords that candidates are using to search for retail jobs on Monster right now.

Daycare Hiring Rebounds As Parents Head Back To Work

The days of children making cute cameos during your work meetings may soon be over. In June, the monthly jobs report showed that the number of people working remotely due to the pandemic continued to decline from 16.6% to 14.4%. As more and more working parents head back to the office, we’re beginning to see an increase in daycares hiring.

Last month, the BLS reported gains of 25,000 jobs concentrated within daycare facilities, while one of the top jobs posted in this sector on Monster was for childcare workers. Similarly, on the candidate side, we’re seeing increased interest from people who love working with kids. In fact, some of the top searched terms on Monster right now are for nannies and babysitters.

Employers Work To Combat The Labor Shortage

While talk of a labor shortage has loomed since spring, the job gains made over the past month show that something must be working. Digging deeper into the BLS jobs report and Monster job numbers, it’s clear that some employers have done their homework when it comes to enticing workers to apply for jobs.

For example, with 89% of workers saying they want to be allowed to work remotely some or all the time, many companies have adjusted their workplace models to be hybrid or even fully remote. Monster data shows that the number of new jobs with “remote” or “work from home” in the jobs title are up since April, having increased 26% month-over-month in June.

Pay has been another big factor holding people back from re-entering the workforce, especially with the extra $300 per week in federal unemployment benefits continuing in most states this summer. As another way to attract more workers, we’re continuing to see employers pay their workers better wages.

Following a 36-cent increase over the past two months, the BLS monthly jobs report showed that average hourly earnings continued to climb by 10 cents for a total of $30.40 in June. We’ll be sure to keep close watch to see how these strategies continue to impact employers over the next couple months.

Stay Tuned For The Next Monthly Jobs Report

Monster aims to provide employers with the insight needed to move forward. As you plan your hiring strategy over the next month, see how Monster can help you navigate the challenges of the new job market at your organization.

We’ll see you again in August when we’ll release our next take on the monthly jobs report.