Talent Acquisition & Engagement

You have multiple sources of resumes – but not enough time or manpower to sift through them to find the right candidate. We’ll put all of your candidates in one place, so you can efficiently find, message, and hire the right ones.

88% of Recruiters would rather have better candidates than more candidates1

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Find the right candidates

Simply enter your criteria and we'll find you the best candidates for the job.

Access the talent you have

View resumes from Monster, job sites, social sites, referrals, or your company in a secure environment.

Save time with precise matching

Search, compare, rank, and manage candidates - all through one seamless interface.

Customize your messages

Link your emails to your Monster job ad or send them to your designated hiring URL.

Build and deploy email campaigns

You can send up to 1,000 messages per day and email multiple candidates at once.

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  • 1Monster State of the Recruiter Report, 2019