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You have multiple sources of resumes – but not enough time or manpower to sift through them to find the right candidate. Our talent acquisition software puts all of your candidates in one place, so you can efficiently find, message, and hire the right ones.

88% of Recruiters would rather have better candidates than more candidates1

Power up your talent acquisition results with Cloud Search

Our talent acquisition software and tools like Cloud Search aggregates all of your resumes – from any source – to a single secure place so you can compare candidates and match them with open positions.

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Send custom emails to qualified candidates with Cloud CRM

Cloud CRM lets you tap into Monster’s database, as well as your own talent pools, to find and reach the most qualified candidates”*. Send targeted emails and set up recurring email campaigns and automated follow-up emails to candidates who respond, analyzing their response rates in real time.

*Monster Cloud Search is required to enable this functionality.

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  • Monster State of the Recruiter Report, 2019