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You may have heard of a little buzzword called data. The truth is, it holds some serious weight, especially when it comes to making more informed HR decisions. Our easy-to-use analytics tools put numbers to work for you so you can focus on getting to know the person behind the (right) resume.

67% of recruiters agree that their job is more difficult today compared with 5 years ago1

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Make sense of labor statistics

Identify skill sets that are in-demand, and learn where you can find the candidates who have them.

Allocate your resources

Match open positions with talent you already have. Identify skill strengths, gaps, and trends that support your business goals.

Track your recruitment campaigns

See how your marketing campaigns are performing and where you can improve your strategy.

Maximize your HR spending

Pull the right data at the right time to support your ongoing HR strategy.

Mission accomplished

  • 1Source: Monster State of the Recruiter Report 2019