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You may have heard of a little buzzword called data. The truth is, it holds some serious weight, especially when it comes to making more informed HR decisions. Our easy-to-use talent tracking tools put numbers to work for you so you can focus on getting to know the person behind the (right) resume.

67% of recruiters agree that their job is more difficult today compared with 5 years ago1

Identify strengths, skill gaps, and trends in your organization

Use Cloud Analytics to compare your current employees against labor market data so you can hire effectively and economically.

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Make more informed business decisions

Use Talent Analytics to combine your resume resources with our database and external workforce data. This aligns your HR strategy with your business needs.

We’ll save you time and money with our talent tracking tools to analyze labor market statistics, get a clearer picture of your talent pipeline, and make more informed decisions.

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  • Source: Monster State of the Recruiter Report 2019