Gardener Job Description Template

A gardener.

Gardeners are groundskeepers who beautify landscapes by ensuring all greenery and walkways are well maintained. Whether you’re looking for a novice caretaker who can tidy your lawn and tend to a few simple garden beds or an expert who knows how to prune and propagate rare plants, the first step is to create an effective gardener job description.

Use this job description template to find high-quality candidates fast. Also, browse Monster’s gardener job listings to learn more about how other businesses attract top gardener talent.

A gardener.

Gardener Job Description

[Intro Paragraph] Begin your job description with a quick overview of the position and the type of gardener you’re looking for. This helps candidates immediately assess if the job is a good fit.

For example, you could write something like:

We are looking for a reliable and knowledgeable gardener with an understanding of basic irrigation and eye for design who enjoys working outdoors, caring for various plants, and keeping our grounds looking well maintained. If you know how to measure moisture levels and soil quality and utilize the proper pest-control methods to keep our gardens healthy, we’d love to meet you!

About Our Organization: When gardeners search for jobs, they want to find a workplace they will enjoy. Share a few sentences about your organization that show what makes your company unique and a great place to work. For example, do you run a farm that specializes in breeding new species of roses? Perhaps you own a hotel where gardeners take pride in keeping the grounds impeccable. Share what your business does and why maintaining a beautiful landscape is important.

Also, highlight how your company culture sets you apart from other employers. For example, perhaps your employees enjoy working in a relaxed atmosphere or benefit from frequent growth opportunities. This will help strong candidates decide if your work environment matches the type of culture they would enjoy.

Gardener Job Responsibilities: Gardeners perform a variety of tasks, which can depend on whether your organization will be outsourcing this talent (by providing gardening as a service), or whether you’re using the gardener to maintain your own grounds. Edit this list of general gardener responsibilities to create a gardener job description that matches your needs and attracts right-fit candidates:

  • Plant, grow, and care for annual and perennial garden beds according to agreed-upon project design and requirements.
  • Mow, sweep, weed, and mulch grounds to keep lawns, walkways, and garden beds neat and free of clutter.
  • Properly discard grass clippings, leaves, and other gardening debris.
  • Coach, guide, and mentor junior gardeners so they can expand their skill set.
  • Keep up to date on current gardening and pest-control techniques.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and leadership to execute the best garden design and maintenance for the lot and growing environment.
  • Recommend plant and landscape design ideas based on sunlight, soil condition, and watering needs.
  • Regularly maintain and repair gardening equipment and structures, such as sharpening and disinfecting shovels, shears, and lawnmower blades, and fixing fencing or edging.
  • Ensure gardening and maintenance work adhere to the proper safety and health regulations.

[Work Hours and Benefits] After sharing the job responsibilities, include what hours you expect candidates to work. Mention if they will need to be on from nine to five or it’s a part-time position. Also, include whether they are expected to work overtime or in inclement weather.

Also, list the position’s benefits and perks to follow up your hour requirements with how you reward employees. Mention if you offer health, vision, or dental coverage. Do you also offer paid time off or flexible work schedules? Show the candidate how your organization cares for its employees and helps them lead better lives. This might also include tuition reimbursement, childcare assistance, and wellness stipends, to name a few.

Gardener Qualifications and Skills: In this section of your gardener job description, list the qualifications and skills that make an ideal candidate. Specify which qualifications are required and which are optional so qualified candidates will apply. Also include a range of soft and hard skills, such as:

  • Thorough understanding of horticulture best practices.
  • Excellent worker who can perform gardening duties without supervision.
  • Strong creative thinking, organization, and garden design skills.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers, and leadership.
  • Familiarity with local, state, and federal gardening policies and regulations.
  • Comfortable working with or learning how to use common gardening and landscaping tools, such as mowers, irrigation devices, and tillers.

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • High school diploma required (or equivalent work experience).
  • [Number] years’ experience as a gardener, groundskeeper, or similar role.

[Call to Action] Last but not least, include a clear call to action that tells candidates how to apply for the role or get more information from your team. The last thing you want is for qualified, interested candidates to walk away not knowing what to do next. A simple “apply here” or “learn more” will help them take the next steps and get in touch.

Find Your Next Great Gardener

Talented gardeners are the key to keeping your plants and grounds looking spectacular. This gardener job description template will help you attract right-fit candidates, so edit this template and start your search today with a free job posting on Monster.