Monster coronavirus poll results

Monster asked our users to share how they’re responding to the coronavirus crisis, from how they’re implementing work-from-home policies to how the pandemic is increasing their anxiety levels and productivity at work.

We starting polling on March 12th, as impacts started to be felt at the workplace, and have continued to survey our audience to see how opinions and attitudes have shifted over time.

We’re sharing and updating the poll results here so you can take a look and get a sense of how this pandemic is affecting how we work, how we hire, and how we look for work.


Week of: 4/14      Audience: Job seeker

Aside from your actual day job, what job(s) have you had to pick up while working from home?

Hairdresser/Barber                        15.8%

Homeschool teacher                      21.3%

Plumber/ Electrician                     14.7%

Amateur chef                                    46.4%

Do you have a greater appreciation for the experts that you typically outsource (i.e. hairdressers, teachers, chefs, fitness instructors plumbers, electricians etc.)?

Same appreciation                          49.5%

Greater appreciation                       50.5%

What is the first thing you will do when you are able?

Get my hair cut                                24.6%

Go out to dinner                              40.2%

Go to the gym                                   20.1%

Send my kids to school                   15.1


Week of: 4/14      Audience: New college grads

Does student debt factor into how you apply for jobs?

Yes, very much                                 36%

I am waiting for the right fit          19%

I don’t have student debt               45%

Did you have a post-grad job or internship lined up that was rescinded due to COVID-19?

Job                                                      11%

Internship                                         6%

Neither                                             83%

Have you had a video or phone job interview?

No                                                       18%

Yes                                                      81.5%

Have one on the calendar              .5%


Week of: 3/31      Audience: Job seeker

Is your stress/anxiety from the coronavirus pandemic affecting your job productivity?

Yes                                                   79%

No                                                   21%

Which stress symptoms are you experiencing the most due to the coronavirus pandemic? mental (nightmares, loss of focus, depression, anger etc.) OR physical (weight loss/gain, back pain, lack of sleep, etc.)

Mental                                              73%

Physical                                            27%

What is causing the most stress/anxiety? financial uncertainty OR job security OR health or health of loved one?

Financial uncertainty                   32%

Health                                             56%

Job security                                    12%


Week of: 3/24      Audience: Employer

Do you anticipate future layoffs at your company due to coronavirus?

Yes                                                 48.5%

No                                                    51.5%

Has your company increased or decreased job postings since the coronavirus pandemic began?

Decreased                                    61.5%

Increased                                      6.3%

No Change                                   28.6%

Do you feel remote hiring can be successful?

Yes                                               72.2%

No                                                27.8%


Week of: 3/12      Audience: Employer

Are you increasing sick time or PTO for employees to account for coronavirus restrictions?

Y                                                     18.2%

N                                                    81.1%

Are you concerned about productivity and business success due to coronavirus?

Y                                                    77.1%

N                                                   22.9%

Would you change your work from home policies indefinitely if it proves productive during the coronavirus pandemic?

Y                                                    56.8%

N                                                    43.2%


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