Hiring and Recruiting in a Crisis: The Lessons of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented upheaval across the board. Everything from the simplest task (grabbing a cup at your favorite coffee shop), to complex decisions (how and when should your company adapt new hiring strategies), has become a challenge. And many of those challenges can’t easily be overcome. 

The scope of the coronavirus crisis has caught us all by surprise, and the impact has been felt by companies of all sizes, across all industries. Some tough decisions have been (and continue to be) made regarding layoffs, policy changes, hiring, and unfortunately, in some cases, whether or not to shut the doors permanently. 

We understand you may be struggling with this new way of doing business and could probably use a resource to turn to for answers. Monster, with our long history of supporting companies, is here for you with curated crisis management content for businesses. 

We’ve created a three-part eBook series that takes a look at lessons learned and strategies developed during the pandemic, and how these can help companies be better prepared for, and able to move forward, during challenging times in the future.

Crisis management

In part one of our three-part series, we see how companies initially responded to the COVID-19 crisis and the lessons learned. From travel bans, to quarantines, to the sudden need to adjust policies (like work from home), many things changed both temporarily and permanently. We also delve into what companies did to protect their brands during this time and how these tactics are helping them build stronger reputations going forward. Lastly, we offer support to managers striving to emerge as strong leaders, as they help their teams navigate difficult circumstances. Download Part One: Crisis Management


Urgent hiring

In part two of our three-part series, recruiters and staffing professionals share their strategies for quickly hiring and onboarding healthcare and other urgently needed front line workers, despite a national shutdown and a looming worker shortage. Many of these strategies remain as permanent parts of their hiring plans. Download Part Two: Urgent Hiring

Online recruitment and post-crisis planning

In the last of our series, we cover the range of online recruitment strategies, like virtual open houses, job fairs and video recruiting, that are available today. Additionally, we walk you through some of the more difficult decisions (like layoffs and furloughs) you may have to make during a crisis. We also talk about what HR and recruiting will look like post-pandemic, and what you should do to prepare for recruiting that may never look the same. Download Part Three: Online Recruitment and Crisis Planning.

Hiring During a Crisis?

Hiring during a global crisis is no easy feat. That’s where Monster comes in. Our world-class job board makes it quick and easy to find quality candidates, so your company is better equipped to face the challenges of hiring during difficult times. Get started today by posting your first job for free!