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TalentBin by Monster

What if you could find, engage and recruit hard-to-find technical talent where they live online-with one solution?

Skilled, high quality talent is hard to find!

There is a war for talent.! Demand for talent in the technical, healthcare and finance/accounting world is outpacing supply. This is creating an increasingly competitive landscape for organizations that have a game plan but do not have the talent resources to properly execute it.

TalentBin can help you. How? These “unfindable” candidates leave huge amounts of rich professional activity across the web. Additionally, many professional have vast repositories of data in federal and state databases that are publically available but difficult to access because of the way the data is packaged and housed.

TalentBin by Monster gathers this information and compiles it into a robust professional profile, complete with qualification and contact information, ready for recruiting!

High Impact Outreach, Candidate Management

TalentBin by Monster provides tools to put your outreach into overdrive. From email addresses to social communication channels, you’ll be able to reach candidates wherever they access the web, on both desktop and mobile devices.

TalentBin features include streamlined pipelining of candidates, candidate interaction trackingoutreach tracking that measures whether a candidate is interested in the opportunity, and intelligent candidate relationship management tools. that generate more responses in less time.

With Talentbin's Automation Features, You'll Be Able To:

  • Use cutting edge algorithms to automate much of your repetitive recruiting process workflow.
  • Automatically generate a rich boolean search with the click of a button, saving you hours of work per week.
  • Track if a candidate is opening or clicking on your email and content within the email;. allowing you to gauge a candidate’s interest simply by sending them an email.
  • Automatically follow up with candidates who don’t respond by using our automation campaign tools.
  • Stage candidates in our CRM systems, and receive notifications of interested candidates.
  • Talentbin Allows You To:

  • Uncover in-demand talent with a single solution.
  • Engage in skill-driven, high volume outreach to maximize impact.
  • Stay on top of your talent pipeline.
  • Hire hard to find talent faster, easier and more efficiently.

Recruit smarter. Recruit with TalentBin.