Simplify  search. Merge talent pools into a single cloud environment.

Monster Cloud Search

Revolutionize your talent acquisition strategy by finding the best candidates from your existing talent pool.

What if you could increase recruitment ROI by quickly and conveniently finding the best candidates in your existing talent pool?

Only Monster can offer the targeting capabilities of semantic search cloud technology to identify qualified candidates instantly.

Redefine the way you find and manage talent. Now you can see and search your resumes from any source.

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Access the talent you have

Increase productivity by serving a copy of all your resumes, no matter where they derive from, in a secure cloud environment.

Pinpoint the talent you need

Monster’s patented, award-winning 6Sense® semantic search technology intuitively understands the context of search terms – so you can search, compare, rank and manage talent in a lot less time.

Save time and money

Find candidates in seconds from your existing talent database.